Top 10 editor's picks for IBM Operational Decision Manager


Here are my top 10 editor's picks of IBM® Operational Decision Manager content published on developerWorks. I selected content that helps you through the planning, configuration, modeling, and development phases of your business rules applications, guiding you in using recent versions of IBM ODM and the Business Rules service. I updated this list in October 2017 to include some of the best tutorials published in the past year.

About IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM)

IBM ODM integrates business events and business rules to automate decisions across processes and applications. It enables a business to respond to a complex context of data, or to a real-time situation, with intelligent, automated decisions. Both business and IT users can manage the business decision logic that is used by operational systems within an organization.

Top 10 editor's picks for IBM ODM

  • Implementing Smarter Process decisions: When to use IBM Business Process Manager rules and IBM Operational Decision Manager, by Scott Simmons, Hector H Diaz, and Irina Singh
    In our work assisting clients with smarter process applications, we are asked to detail leading practices for integrating decision services with business process management solutions. One question we encounter is when to use IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) rules and when to use IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM). The answer to this question is use-case specific, but there are criteria to consider for the target solution. This tutorial discusses the decisions to consider when developing applications that integrate business process management with decision services and provides a detailed example to illustrate the concepts.
  • Make informed automated decisions with business rules and Predictive Model Markup Language, by Jean-Louis Ardoint
    While business rules written by experts can be used to automate business decisions, there is a popular trend toward using predictive models, built from data mining, as the foundation for better decisions. This article shows how to take advantage of both worlds by integrating predictive model evaluation in business rules.
  • Cool your hot entities in IBM ODM Decision Server Insights, by Nigel Crowther and Jonathon Carr
    Build solutions in IBM ODM Decision Server Insights that prevent hot entities. Learn the causes and the tips to avoid these entity instances that are referenced by thousands of events, slowing down processing and becoming the sole consumers of events in the system.
  • Improve performance for IBM Operational Decision Manager series, by U. Siddiqui
    Part 1, Reduce rule execution time, provides a brief overview of the different IBM ODM modules, how they interact with each other, and recommended settings for performance improvements that have been found to have the most impact on rule execution. In Part 2, Reduce rule execution resource consumption, learn about recommended settings for addressing performance issues encountered when working with the Rule Execution Server. In Part 3, Reduce response times for hosted transparent decision services, learn about recommended settings for addressing performance issues encountered when working with hosted transparent decision services.
  • Deploy an IBM Operational Decision Manager topology with Docker Compose, by Laurent Grateau and Pierre Feillet
    Docker technology empowers developers and IT to standardize runtime components and provision pre-assembled topologies. IBM ODM empowers business users and developers to collaborate when modeling, authoring, testing and deploying business rules to automate business policies. This tutorial shows how to apply Docker micro-container technology to IBM ODM Standard to play in continuous build and modern DevOps. It describes how to create and instantiate Docker images for Decision Server (the Rule Execution Server) and Decision Center running on a WebSphere Liberty server. You also learn how to use Docker Engine and Compose to orchestrate repeatable clustered and unclustered topologies.
  • Run your business decisions in Kubernetes with IBM Bluemix, by Pierre Feillet and Laurent Grateau
    Learn how to deploy IBM ODM in a Kubernetes cluster on IBM Bluemix. Start with Docker images and then reach a running, clustered IBM ODM platform with Kubernetes.
  • Make your blockchain smart contracts smarter with business rules, by Stephane Mery and Daniel Selman
    This article describes how to implement blockchain smart contracts, using business rules on top of Hyperledger Fabric. Work with sample code to learn how to model and execute smart contract decision logic, taking advantage of an enterprise-class rule engine to improve transparency and trust for all participants in a business network.
  • Generate rule artifacts with IBM ODM APIs, by Vasudev Mayenkar and Pierre Berlandier
    When the initial representation of business rules exists outside of IBM ODM, you need to consider importing an external representation of the rules so you can generate IBM ODM rule artifacts. To import to rules and turn them into IBM ODM artifacts, you can rely on a subset of the IBM ODM API for creating rule artifacts programmatically, either in the Rule Designer rule projects or in the Decision Center repository.
  • Diversify your IBM ODM application with Bluemix and the Business Rules service series, by U. Siddiqui
    In Part 1, learn how to diversify your existing IBM ODM application to use the Business Rules service on IBM Bluemix. In Part 2, learn the tracing and performance configurations for the Business Rules service.
  • Think big! Scale your business rules solutions up to the world of big data: Build an app that uses Business Rules and BigInsights for Apache Hadoop services on IBM Bluemix, by Nigel Crowther
    Learn about a RulesAdaptor application that integrates the Business Rules and BigInsights for Apache™ Hadoop® services on IBM Bluemix. This tutorial guides you through the deployment of an IBM Bluemix solution combining Business Rules and BigInsights for Apache Hadoop using an example air passenger profiler.

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