Top cognitive computing tutorials (November 2015)

The developerWorks Cognitive Computing editor shares her picks


The Cognitive Era is upon us. The way that we develop applications has changed.

Because so much content is available these days, it takes time to weed through it all to find good content on how you can get started with developing cognitive applications. To help you, I selected three of our most popular tutorials from our IBM developerWorks Cognitive Computing zone. Follow the step-by-step instructions in these tutorials and you'll be on your way to developing cognitive apps in no time.

Build a simple face detection web app

Abstract image of article
Abstract image of article

Develop a simple application in PHP to use the powerful cognitive computing features of the AlchemyAPI service on IBM Bluemix. The app demonstrates how the face detection functions of the AlchemyAPI service can: study images and find faces; tell us a person's gender; estimate the age of a person; and often identify the person. You don't need to know anything about cognitive computing or deep learning algorithms to develop the step-by-step example cognitive app on Bluemix, all with only a few lines of code.

Share personality insights with a cognitive Twitter bot

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Abstract image of article

This tutorial shows you how to build a web app that returns detailed personality insights from Watson, which analyzes a user’s tweets. The app then creates a simple interaction with a cognitive Twitter bot, which tweets back to the user with the user's top trait and includes a link to your web app for deeper analysis of your personality. Use the tutorial to get started with using Watson services, then explore all the possibilities to create your own cognitive app.

Create a natural language classifier that identifies spam

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Abstract image of article

Watson Natural Language Classifier is part of the IBM Watson cognitive services platform on Bluemix. In this article, you'll use Watson Natural Language Classifier on Bluemix to create a spam classification service, train it to distinguish between spam and non-spam, and then test it for its accuracy.


Didn't find what you are looking for here? Check out the entire list of tutorials in the Cognitive Computing library. Or, if you have a specific question, reach out to some of the experts on the IBM Watson developer center.


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