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With so much good content published in 2015, it's hard to narrow down the list and pick only a few to highlight here. But, narrow it down, I must. If you have a favorite that didn't make my top list, add the tutorial to the comments section. Not only will you share your favorite tutorials with your peers, I'll know what you like so I can find you more great content next year.

Build your own wearable with IBM IoT Foundation and IBM Bluemix

Mike Spisak and Rhonda Childress

Follow the steps in this tutorial to build a hybrid mobile app that connects to a wearable device and sends sensor data from the device to the cloud. You'll use IBM Bluemix™, the IBM Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation, Apache Cordova, and the WICED Sense Development Kit for this tutorial's nifty do-it-yourself project. Security is one of the key concerns with the adoption of IoT technology, and was a key consideration for the design of this system and tutorial.

Translate your Bluemix application to access global markets

Steven Atkin and Lisa McCabe

In this tutorial, learn how to use IBM Globalization services for rapid and seamless translation of your application UI. You can choose between the service dashboard or the service's RESTful APIs to launch and manage your translations. Then use the service SDKs to automatically provide translations to your customers without rebuilding, repackaging, or redeploying your Bluemix app. With IBM Globalization, you can meet the needs of your worldwide customers while continuing to drive rapid app development and innovation within your DevOps and continuous delivery processes.

Analyze notes with the AlchemyAPI service on IBM Bluemix

Sandhya Kapoor, Ruth Willenborg, and Arpitha Myla

It happens to me time and time again. I take a lot of great notes during a meeting, but to find that one note when I need it? What a chore. I scan page after page of a notebook looking for one little bit of important information. In this tutorial, the authors show you how to develop a small language processing program, add calls to APIs from AlchemyAPI, and build and deploy your project by using DevOps Services for IBM Bluemix. Now you can digitize your old notebook pages, then in real time convert the data to fully editable, searchable text. You're on your way to finding the information you're looking for.

Deploy Docker containers in hybrid clouds that use IBM UrbanCode

Sanjay Nayak, Noel Richard Hill, and Mike Samano

This two-part how-to guide describes in detail how to create a multi-container DevOps environment that uses IBM UrbanCode and Docker Trusted Registry. Part 1 presents an overview, and walks you through the configuration of IBM Containers in Bluemix, Docker Trusted Registry, Docker Swarm, and UrbanCode Build needed to deploy Docker containers that use UrbanCode. In Part 2, you learn how IBM UrbanCode Deploy orchestrates the hybrid application deployment to Bluemix and Docker Swarm.

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