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Big data and analytics

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    Grow new solutions from big data insights. Combine Apache Hadoop with enterprise-ready technologies (Big SQL, text analytics, and BigSheets).

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    Experiment with stream computing in your unique environment. Handle high data throughput with a powerful analytic platform.

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  • Build a connected-car IoT app with Geospatial Analytics

    95In this tutorial, Bryan guides you through configuring and deploying the Connected Vehicle starter kit on Bluemix and building analytics with the Geospatial Analytics service and Node-RED.

    Bryan Boyd

  • Embed rich reports in your applications

    95Build a pedometer app on Liberty for Java that combines the dashDB, MongoLab, and Embeddable Reporting services on Bluemix.

    Caroline Rioux

  • Build a simple web app for student math drills using the Bluemix SQLDB service

    95Learn how to create a simple Node.js application to help students learn their multiplication tables.

    Rodrigo Ferreira, Marcos Rogerio De Mello, Jullyana Fialho Pinheiro

  • Build a data mining app using Java, Weka, and the dashDB service

    95The dashDB service provides data warehousing and analytics as a service on IBM Bluemix. Developers can develop and deploy a heavy-duty analytic application using blazing-fast IBM BLU database technology offered in the cloud. Learn how to develop a data mining application using the Weka statistical analysis tool and leveraging the IBM BLU columnar database.

    Krunal Vor

  • Analytics for Hadoop on Bluemix

    95 A four-part tutorial and video series that shows you how to sign in and access the Analytics for Hadoop service, use the BigInsights console, load data into BigInsights, and explore data with BigSheets.

    Larry Weber

  • Perform text analytics with Bluemix analytics services

    95 This tutorial explains how to perform text analytics using the Analytics for Hadoop service and dashDB service on IBM Bluemix™. Most of the processes are performed on a client machine with Eclipse IDE and the BigInsights™ plugin installed. After extracting the desired text, use R in dashDB to plot charts with the results.

    Lucas Silva

  • Bluemix is about choice and flexibility: Mix and match your private services with public services

    95 Bluemix Dedicated helps you build applications around your most sensitive data and deploy them in a dedicated cloud environment. You can capture the benefits of the cloud while avoiding the compliance, regulatory, and performance issues associated with public clouds.

    Christian Linares

  • Monitor mobile devices with the Geospatial Analytics service

    95In this tutorial, you'll learn how to get, run, and extend a starter application written in Node.js that uses the Geospatial Analytics service to monitor the location of mobile devices.

    Mike Branson

  • Create a business intelligence and analytics service in Ruby with the dashDB service

    95The dashDB Service available in IBM Bluemix provides a powerful, easy-to-use, and agile platform for business intelligence and analytics. It is an enterprise-class managed service that is powered by the in-memory optimized, column-organized BLU Acceleration data warehouse technology. This article demonstrates how easy it is to incorporate the dashDB service into your application so that you can focus on your application.

    Praveen Devarao, Mario Briggs