Multi-security mechanisms with multifactor authentications

The approach for designing and implementing a multi-security mechanism with multifactor authentication for AIX and UNIX systems

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Sandeep Patil

Date archived: December 19, 2016 | First published: March 10, 2009

Authentication is a the key component of security-based solutions. In client-server models designed over UNIX® systems, distributed network security is of significant importance. In order to meet the stringent security requirements necessary in client-server models, either multi-layer authentication or multifactor authentication or combinations of both are being used by existing systems. This article discusses the risk associated with the use of the same security mechanism in multifactor authentication systems and proposes the use of GSS-API ( Generic Security Service available with most of the UNIX systems) as a suitable option for achieving the multi-security mechanism clubbed with multi-factor authentication for enhanced security for solutions designed over UNIX.

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ArticleTitle=Multi-security mechanisms with multifactor authentications