Extending the capability of secldap to authenticate from multiple data sources

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Nikhil Firke and Nilesh Patel

Date archived: December 19, 2016 | First published: June 01, 2010

The secldapclntd daemon establishes connection between an LDAP server and the AIX® security LDAP module. Usual steps to configure a secldapclntd daemon with LDAP server allows us to provide multiple replicated LDAP server details during configuration. However, there can be a situation when the information for all the users is not available in only one LDAP server. In such a scenario, configuring just one active LDAP server details might not be sufficient. To resolve this limitation, this article demonstrates the usage of pass-through authentication feature in IBM Tivoli Directory Server. The steps listed in this article can be followed to configure a setup such that AIX security module will be able to seek authentication information from multiple data sources and yet hide the backend server details from the client, hence ensuring abstraction and security.

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ArticleTitle=Extending the capability of secldap to authenticate from multiple data sources