Performance Monitor Counter data analysis using Counter Analyzer

Use Counter Analyzer to analyze PMC data of POWER and Cell Broad Engine platforms

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Qi Liang

Date archived: May 14, 2019 | First published: February 03, 2009

To understand what happens inside a processor when an application is executed, processor architects designed a set of special registers to count the events taking place when processors are executing instructions. These registers, called the Performance Monitor Counter, provide interesting information about the processor, such as how many I-cache misses take place, how many instructions are completed, and more. Counter Analyzer is one plugin of the Visual Performance Analyzer, an Eclipse-based performance analysis tool. It can analyze raw events, metrics, and CPI breakdown model, and help you better understand these events. This article introduces the Performance Monitor Counter and its related tools briefly, and then shows you how to use these tools and the Counter Analyzer together, using the Caesar cipher tool as example.

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