Automated environment setup tool for IBM Systems Director VMControl

Tool to prepare IBM Systems Director VMControl end-to-end environments

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Prashant Pareek, Piyush Jain, and Aravindo Swain

Date archived: December 19, 2016 | First published: March 05, 2013

IBM® Systems Director is a platform management solution that is used to manage physical and virtual systems. IBM Systems Director provides systems management personnel with a single pane of glass, helping to reduce IT management complexity and cost. IBM Systems Director VMControl™ is an advanced plug-in installed on top of IBM Systems Director to provide the virtualization capabilities. This article talks about a tool for automatic environment setup for IBM Systems Directors testing and development. The tool is designed to work for almost all the supported resource features, such as kernel-based virtual machine (KVM), IBM z/VM®, VMware, and IBM Power® Systems™ platforms.

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