Traversing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 on System p

The AIX administrators' guide to learning Linux

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Ken Milberg

Date archived: December 19, 2016 | First published: July 22, 2008

So you've been the IBM® AIX® guru on your team for years now and your bosses have determined that they want to try Linux® on System p™. You can fight the change, or you can embrace it and learn Linux, if not learn to love it. The purpose of this article is to introduce Linux to AIX administrators. It will show you what you need to know to make the transition to Linux simpler. It will also show you the equivalent commands to perform specific tasks and also discusses process management, filesystem management, how to peruse systems information, install packages, and other important bits of information that you as the systems administrator will need to know. While you will not become an expert at Linux from this article, this should give you a good head start in what you need to know.

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