Optimizing AIX 5L performance, Tuning your memory settings, Part 2

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Ken Milberg

Date archived: May 15, 2019 | First published: June 14, 2007

Use ps, sar, svmon, and vmstat to monitor memory usage and analyze the results. This three-part series focuses on the various aspects of memory management and tuning on IBM System p™ servers running AIX®. Part 1 provided an overview of memory on AIX, including a discussion of virtual memory and the Virtual Memory Manager (VMM). It also drilled down into the tuning parameters and outlined recent improvements in AIX Version 5.3 with respect to memory management. Part 2 focuses on the detail of actual memory subsystem monitoring and discusses how to analyze the results. Part 3 deals specifically on swap space and how best to tune your VMM settings to provide for optimum swap space configuration and performance. Throughout this series, I'll also cover some of the best practices of memory performance tuning and monitoring.

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