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AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications
AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications contains a collection of open source and GNU software built for AIX 5L for IBM pSeries systems and IBM RS/6000.
Home of the Apache Web server and several dozen related projects.
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection, includes front ends for C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada, as well as libraries for these languages.
GNU Debugger (GDB)
GNU Project debugger allows you to see what is going on "inside" another program while it executes. or what another program was doing at the moment it crashed.
Journaled File System Technology for Linux
IBM's journaled file system technology, currently used in IBM enterprise servers, is designed for high-throughput server environments, key to running intranet and other high-performance e-business file servers. IBM is contributing this technology to the Linux open source community with the hope that some or all of it will be useful in bringing the best of journaling capabilities to the Linux operating system.
Open Cluster Framework Project
The purpose of this project is to define standard clustering APIs for some basic capabilities.
OpenSSH on AIX
Open SSH for AIX.
PowerPC Performance Libraries
This project provides performance optimized library functions for IBM PowerPC 4xx embedded processors. The libraries cover floating-point emulation and common C library string and memory functions.
strace prints out a trace of all the system calls made by a another process/program.
1 - 9 of 9 results
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