Continuous delivery of software-driven innovation

Principle #1

A culture of collaborative learning is crucial.

For many organizations, the thought of deploying hundreds of changes daily, while simultaneously maintaining a stable, reliable, and secure production environment, is daunting. That's why cultivating a culture of continuous learning and risk-free experimentation is necessary for DevOps to flourish.

Continuous learning, combined with broad and transparent sharing of knowledge, helps teams identify and repeat successful patterns.

Risk-free experimentation allows teams to try new things, learn from failure, and continually fold innovation into the software lifecycle.

In a culture of learning and experimentation, teams freely share discoveries and best practices, create rituals that reward risk-taking, and allow time for daily improvement of their contributions.

Take risks with innovation, not release management!

Do the math with Maciej Zawadzki, IBM Director of Deploy and Release products | 3:25

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