How can you contribute?

Technical experts exchanging know-how is the very heart of developerWorks. If you're a first-time contributor, welcome! And if you're not sure what to write about, start with what you know. What are you working on, learning about, or hearing other developers ask about in developer channels and gatherings? You don't need to wait till you've mastered a skill to give other developers a boost or start a discussion.

Benefits of publishing on developerWorks

  • Digital eminence. Be recognized as contributing to a growing body of knowledge. Build your personal brand by influencing the direction of emerging technologies. Point to your published content when you engage with other developers face-to-face or online.
  • Professional growth. Writing about code you've developed or a technical skill you've acquired can establish foundation for you to build on. It can also help other developers more easily extend your work and collaborate with you. And, if you're angling for a new job, it can help your prospective boss instantly appreciate your skills and contributions.
  • Global reach. Your content on developerWorks is instantly visible to a global audience of developers. We ensure the broadest reach by broadcasting your message through promotion on the site, ongoing social amplification, email newsletters, and translation into seven regional languages.
  • Reciprocity. The more actively you share what you know, the more freely everyone around you will share what they know. If you can save someone the trouble of figuring something out the hard way, they’ll do the same for you.

5 paths to publication

If you want assistance from developerWorks' professional editors, we're glad to work with you and provide templates, edits, and technical reviews. Or if you want to self-publish without editorial involvement, we support that, too. Different paths for different authors! Here are the five paths we offer.


developerWorks recipes show developers, step by step, how to solve problems and create something useful using IBM or open-standards technologies. Learn more in the authoring guidelines. No editorial oversight is provided.

To publish a recipe:

  1. Sign in to developerWorks by clicking Sign in or Register (or the person icon) in the upper right of any developerWorks page.
  2. Go to the developerWorks Recipes site.
  3. Click Create a recipe to begin.


developerWorks Blog

The developerWorks Blog is a digital platform for technical conversations from one techie to another. Your expertise and insight into a variety of topics — like application development, cognitive apps, DevOps, the Internet of Things, cloud technologies, and a whole lot more — are welcome! Your voice and experience matter to our developerWorks readers, and you’ll have a custom author page to highlight your great work. We’ll support you with a light editorial review and graphics to amp up your blog post. Our goal is to help you self-publish and get your ideas out to our engaged developerWorks audience as quickly as possible.

To write for the developerWorks Blog:

  1. Contact Ron Wen ( to create your WordPress account.
  2. Ron will fill you in on next steps.


developerWorks community blogs, wikis, and forums

In the developerWorks community, you can connect and collaborate with technical experts and thought leaders, and contribute your own expertise. No editorial oversight is provided, though we may need to remove content in a blog, wiki, or forum that runs counter to the terms of use.

To publish content to a blog, wiki, or forum:

  1. Sign in to developerWorks by clicking Sign in or Register (or the person icon) in the upper right of any developerWorks page.
  2. Go to the developerWorks community for technical professionals.
  3. Search for an existing community, and contact the owner to contribute. Don’t see one that fits your topic? Click Start a Community.


In-depth articles and tutorials

developerWorks accepts proposals for in-depth articles and tutorials, which can either stand alone or be part of a longer series. We work with authors to professionally edit, illustrate, and maintain this long-form content, spanning all stages of the developer journey. Individual articles and tutorials average around 2,000 to 6,000 words, and focus on:

  • IBM and open standards-based technologies
  • Working code (programs, components, code samples, demos), typically on GitHub or Bluemix
  • How-to tips and techniques ranging from introductory, getting-started materials to advanced techniques
  • Practical results and lessons learned

To propose an article or tutorial:

  1. Contact a developerWorks content lead for your topical area and describe your content idea and qualifications.
  2. He or she will evaluate your proposal and respond to you as quickly as possible. If your idea is a good candidate for publication, he or she will provide the next steps.

    Note: Authors in China, Japan, and Spanish South America may submit content directly to their local content lead for review.


Developer Center blogs

Many of the Developer Centers on developerWorks feature blogs that are managed by developerWorks editors or by IBM product teams.

To propose a blog post for a Developer Center:

  1. Locate a Developer Center blog of interest, and contact one of the recent bloggers. He or she can put you in touch with the blog coordinator.
  2. If your idea is a good candidate for a post, the blog coordinator will follow up with next steps.