Who is developerWorks?

We are everything you'd imagine a modern website team to be: system architects, programmers, engineers, testers, data analysts, UX designers, graphic artists, content managers and creators, video producers, social media coordinators, project managers, and more. The common thread that binds us is our passion for understanding and advocating for developers and helping them (and specifically, you!) excel.


Dirk Nicol

DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPERWORKS. This author, inventor, and developer loves helping developers become successful.

Sarochin Tollette

CLIENT SUCCESS REP. A dual Thai and U.S. citizen and ESL teacher with an IT background, Sarochin can handle your website feedback. She loves helping people.

Chris Rothemich

EDITOR IN CHIEF. Chris loves attracting top talent almost as much as she loves her DIY Ninja husband, dashing sons, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and reading all the books.

Scott Laningham

VIDEO STRATEGIST AND PRODUCER. As a developerWorks master storyteller with a broadcast background, Scott is also a busy musician in Austin, Texas, and a landscaping minion for his green-thumbed wife.

Lou Pascucci

USER EXPERIENCE DESIGNER. Lou is a UX and visual designer with a background in conversion optimization and A/B testing. He enjoys spontaneous road trips, sweater weather, and his Grandma's cooking.

Michelle Carey

COURSEWARE DEVELOPER. Michelle enjoys making online education for developers effective, relevant, and fun. Besides cat herding, Michelle loves power vehicles: motorcycles, jet skis, and mountain bikes.