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Welcome to our trophy case!

developerWorks is honored to have received over 3 dozen awards—from the industry and from readers and users—over our 15-year history.

The developerWorks Web site, IBM's skill-building destination for the developer community with 4 million unique visitors each month, has won dozens of industry awards since its debut in 1999. Awards include the 2007 Jolt Hall of Fame award, Best Developer Web site, two consecutive Readers' Choice Award from Software Development magazine ("Best Technical Support" provider), and five Jolt Product Excellence or Productivity Award. Jolt judges say, "Big Blue understands the needs of developers very well"; developerWorks offers "great how-to technical articles on a vast array of topics."

This recognition from peer technical Web sites and from readers is important to us because we are developers ourselves—and we know how vital it is to have easy access to information you can trust. We're glad to know that we provide information you need and come back for. Continue to let us know what you need and like, so that we can continually deliver it.

2010 US SMB Social Media Marketing AwardAMI-Partners Social Media Marketing Award
(Nov 2010)
The newly launched Social Media Marketing awards, from New York-based AMI-Partners, recognize Information and Communications Technology (ICT) providers who effectively use social media to inform the purchase process of small and medium businesses (SMBs). We're honored that developerWorks was chosen "Best in class" for Community development. According to Jacqueline Atkinson, AMI’s Social Media Research Manager, "Social media has become one of the hottest topics among ICT marketing and sales professionals. But buzz aside, AMI designed these awards to recognize social media efforts that result in tangible, measurable business value." Read more.
Forrester Groundswell AwardForrester Groundswell Award
(Oct 2010)
The Forrester Groundswell awards honor "excellence in effective use of social technologies to advance an organizational or business goal." developerWorks is one of 16 winners among nearly 130 entries in 2010, and won in the B2B "supporting" category by helping our community support one another to solve each other’s problems, saving IBM millions of dollars in support costs annually. Our success is based on providing developers and IT professionals with social technologies including forums, blogs, wikis, and rating, commenting, tagging, and bookmarking tools tied to our rich collection of code, 30,000 technical how-to articles and tutorials, and other resources. Read more.
Jolt Hall of FameJolt Hall of Fame
(Mar 2007)
Since 1996, only a dozen top software developer products and tools have been inducted into the Jolt Hall of Fame. In 2007, IBM developerWorks was so honored. The Jolt awards are essentially the "Oscars" of the software development industry, and Hall of Fame inductees are the elite few "consistent winners" of Jolt awards "whose high-quality has been proven and maintained over time."

In rare agreement, the judges praised developerWorks as "a treasure trove of IT-related topics and technologies [that] often has better technical articles than commercial publications." Read more about this tribute and the other awards that developerWorks and IBM received at the 17th annual award ceremony at the SD West conference in Silicon Valley. Check out Dr. Dobb's tribute to all of the inductees into the Jolt Hall of Fame.
MarketingSherpaExcellence in developer correspondence
(Apr 2006)
developerWorks received a Gold award for its "massively successful" RSS feeds, from the researchers and editors of MarketingSherpa, a research firm devoted to savvy marketing techniques. Our large selection of RSS feeds gives readers precisely what they need. Read more and get developerWorks RSS feeds if you haven't already.
Readers ChoiceBest Technical Support
(Sep 2005)
Readers of Software Development magazine chose IBM developerWorks as the source of "Best Technical Support" in the development process, marking the magazine's third annual Readers' Choice Awards. Read more.

Jolt and Productivity AwardJolt Productivity Award
(May 2005)
Honoring developerWorks and alphaWorks for the fifth time with a Jolt Award in the "Websites and Developer Networks" category, Software Development magazine judge Scott Ambler praised our site for meeting developers' needs with great "how-to" technical articles and valuable discussion forums on diverse topics, adding, "Even if you don't work in an IBM shop, you'll find developerWorks a valuable resource."

SDTimes InfluencerTop 10 influencers for 2005
(May 2005)
SD Times chose the top 100 "organizations, individuals or movements that ... created not only great technology but also great buzz," and noted that "developerWorks embraced developers, raised bar for everyone else."

Readers ChoiceBest Developers' News Source
(Sep 2004)
Readers of Software Development magazine chose IBM developerWorks as "Best Developers' News Source," in the magazine's second annual Readers' Choice Awards.

Readers ChoiceBest Technical Support
(Sep 2004)
Readers of Software Development magazine chose IBM developerWorks as providing "Best Technical Support," in the magazine's second annual Readers' Choice Awards.

Jolt Product Excellence AwardJolt Product Excellence Award
(Mar 2004)
The editors of Software Development magazine recognized IBM developerWorks with the coveted Jolt Product Excellence Award for "Best Website and Developer Network."

Java Developer's JournalBest Java Training Program
(Feb 2004)
Through reader-submitted nominations, followed by online voting, readers of Java Developer's Journal selected IBM developerWorks as having the best Java training program.

XML Developer's JournalBest Web Services or XML Site
(Feb 2004)
IBM developerWorks was also selected as first runner-up in the Best Web services or XML site category, through nominations and online voting by readers of XML Journal.

Developer.comProduct of the Year Finalist:
(Feb 2004)
For the second year, IBM developerWorks Subscription was recognized by Developer.com and its readers as a product that significantly influences programmer effectiveness.

  Jolt Product Excellence Award, Websites and Developer Networks
(Mar 2003)
Awarded to IBM alphaWorks, developerWorks sister site, by the editors of Software Developer magazine.

  Developer.com Product of the Year Finalist, Enterprise Development Tool
(Feb 2003)
Awarded to IBM developerWorks Toolbox Subscription by Developer.com and its readers.

  Jolt Productivity Award, Websites and Developer Networks
(Mar 2002)
A second Jolt Productivity award for developerWorks from the editors of Software Developer magazine.

  Reader's Choice Award, Websites and Developer Networks
(Mar 2002)
For the Web services zone of IBM developerWorks, voted tops in the first annual Reader's Choice Awards by the readers of Web Services Journal.