About developerWorks

Content standards

The developerWorks website publishes original, high-quality, technology-oriented content driven by the wants and needs of developers ranging from novice to advanced. Our audience is the entire community of software developers — not just IBM customers and partners. Our content best serves developers who are committed to using and advancing open, standards-based, cross-platform technologies and strategies.

We publish: How-to tutorials and videos, conceptual articles, and experience-based best practices, featuring demos and working sample code that readers can freely access and reuse. We emphasize relevant, timely information that helps developers perform daily tasks and build technical skills. Our content integrates cutting-edge technologies for readers to evaluate and immediately apply. Our content bypasses marketing hype and information clutter.

We do not publish: Non-technical materials. Examples of what we do not publish include: sales brochures, white papers, case studies, customer testimonials, competitive analyses, and general news items.

3 paths to contributing to developerWorks

Self-publish your content on the developerWorks Recipes site

  1. Go to the developerWorks Recipes site.

Self-publish your content in a developerWorks community blog or wiki

  1. Go to the developerWorks community for technical professionals.

Work with a developerWorks content lead to publish your content

To work with a developerWorks content lead who will evaluate your idea, and if accepted, help you structure and refine your content, and then publish it for you on developerWorks, follow these steps:

  1. Plan your content idea. Review our content standards and check out our wish list for suggested topics. Remember that we publish technical content focused on:
  2. Submit your content idea using our proposal submission form. (Keep in mind that submitting a proposal does not guarantee publication.)
    Note: Authors in China, Japan, and Spanish South America may submit content directly to their local content lead for review.

Reprint policy: IBM and the content author share the copyright for developerWorks content. Reprints are permitted after 30 days of the content's initial publication on developerWorks and require explicit written permission either from IBM (contact Aimee Dean) or from the original author. In addition, we ask that the reprinted item prominently include this text and link to developerWorks:

      Reprinted with permission. Originally published by IBM developerWorks
      (ibm.com/developerworks). All rights retained by IBM and the author.

Author honors

The IBM developerWorks Author Achievement Recognition Program is a merit program that formally acknowledges the publishing achievements of developerWorks contributors. Participants earn points for contributions and work toward the following levels of achievement:

If you are a current or recent author, past contributions to developerWorks may be applied to program requirements, if eligible. Read the program details to learn how the program works and how you can take advantage of it.