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Food spaces not only provide fuel for IBM employees but areas to collaborate and build community. Primarily in use at meal times for nutrition and refreshment, food spaces must accommodate different modes of work outside of peak meal hours. Ensuring they are work-ready is key. Food spaces can vary in scale and level of provisioning, so connect with local site leads early in the process to confirm the level of implementation.

Hydration station

The hydration station provides IBM employees the convenience to replenish and connect away from the open environment. The limited use of technology turns the focus away from work and to the conversation at hand.

hydration station axon
16.7 sm (180 sf)4.6 m x 4.6 m (15 ft x 15 ft)4 peopleNot applicable


The pantry is where IBM employees can pick up a beverage and food of choice to enjoy a break with colleagues. This space is a breakaway from the rest of the office that provides a community café experience.

pantry axon
29.1 sm (324 sf)5.4 m x 5.4 m (18 ft x 18 ft)10 seatsNot applicable
    • Wall-to-wall cabinets with countertop, sink and beverage machine, such as soda, coffee or tea and a water tap
    • Variety of seating to support different seated postures, such as a booth, guest chairs and barstool
    • Variety of tables to support various seating options
    • Minimal kitchen appliances, such as a refrigerator, beverage cooler and microwave

IBM 8-Bar

At the IBM 8-Bar, IBM employees can recharge and connect with colleagues while enjoying a beverage or snack. Technology isn’t the focus as it’s a place to feel welcome and relaxed for more spontaneous social interaction. The IBM 8-Bar can be combined with other open collaborative settings, depending on the site size.

coffee or juice bar axon
37 sm (400 sf)6 m x 6 m (20 ft x 20 ft)Not applicableNot applicable

Café back of house

The café back of house provides a point of replenishment and accommodation, giving IBM employees a place to order food before sitting down for lunch. Technology and thoughtful arrangement of the ordering and pickup counter aids in the seamless traffic flow throughout the space.

servery axon

Café seating

A wide variety of settings enables IBM employees to connect and work with the greater internal community. Digital tools are provided throughout to assist in wayfinding, announcements and milestones, connecting all teams together as one culture.

café seating axon