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The use of different ceiling systems and materials help define IBM workplace zones. The options available for ceilings can work to create identifiable moods for a zone. Each option also subtly signals expected behaviors for each zone, creating a cohesive experience for clients and employees.

Wood ceiling

The use of specialty wood ceiling systems creates a warm and welcoming space for IBM employees and guests. Wood communicates growth and stability. When used as a ceiling material, placement matters. It’s important that the pattern is linear. Learn more about the Arrival, Welcome and Connect zones.

Wood ceiling

Coffered ceilings reinforce the 2x Grid while adding a sense of warmth.

wood slat ceiling in elevator lobby

Linear placement guides the flow to elevators.

wood slat ceiling
wood slat ceiling to mark collaboration space

Felt ceiling

The use of specialty felt ceiling systems in tonal grays creates an energetic and fun atmosphere. This material is perfect for gathering spaces, such a casual dining and refreshment areas. Felt can also be used effectively in Collaborate, Focus and Play zones. Learn more about Collaborate, Focus and Play zones.

felt ceiling

Felt ceilings help absorb ambient noise in the relaxed atmosphere of a Connect zone.

felt ceiling system over collaboration space

Open ceiling

Open ceilings create the sensation of more space and volume so, work well in open workplaces that can have larger groups. They help define the intent of the space and can be considered for Collaborate and Play zones.

open ceiling with exposed beams and painted duct work

A lowered ceiling helps define the appearance of special areas.

open ceiling
open ceiling system in collaboration space
open ceiling with pendant lighting over work space

Refined lowered panels contrast sharply with the raw energy of an open ceiling.