IBM Design Thinking Presentation

This download contains slides that describes the core content of IBM Design Thinking. Use it to help craft your own personal story about IBM Design Thinking.

Craft your story

There’s no one-size-fits-all story of IBM Design Thinking. Each of us comes with unique experiences and present in unique situations to unique audiences. Effective presenters forge a connection with their audience by telling stories that are authentic to their lived experience and relevant to their audience’s interests.

Like any open-ended problem, you can use IBM Design Thinking to crafting your own story. Focus on your audience’s experience and begin with a clear understanding of what you want them to learn. Observe, reflect, and make to understand your audience and deliver a compelling story.

As you craft your story, play it back regularly to a trusted colleague that can represent your audience. You won’t get the delivery right on the first try––and that’s okay. Learn from their feedback and refine your delivery up until it’s time to present the real thing.

Remember: treat everything––even finished presentations––as just another prototype. As you iterate, you’ll improve your delivery by learning from your experience, and you’ll begin to internalize the story as it becomes uniquely yours.