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Wrapping up

You know the saying: All great things must come to an end. Below are a few steps and tips to help you wrap up your program.

  • Schedule a wrap-up call to thank your Sponsor Users and gauge their interest in participating in a future feedback program.
  • Share a follow-up survey to get any remaining feedback on the product and the program.
  • Clean up documentation and ensure all feedback is appropriately anonymized.
  • Conduct a final research playback of findings and recommendations with your team.

Pro Tips

  • A wrap-up call and follow-up survey are great opportunities to gather any final supporting quotes about the program or product experience. They will also help you identify ways to improve the Sponsor User program in the future.
  • If you want to go above and beyond, consider mailing a hand-written thank you note signed by your team.


  • Make sure to refer to any "opt out" process documented in your program's agreement. For example: "A representative from the client or our company can terminate program involvement at any time via written notice. This will then go into effect within 30 days."
  • Teams should destroy all audio and video files captured during client research sessions no later than two years after they were recorded.