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14 June, 2022

Guest: Dr. D’Wayne Edwards
Founder of Pensole Lewis College of Business & Design

Episode 12 — It’s about time we write the rules

Podcast episode guest Dr. D’Wayne Edwards

Change-maker. Rule-breaker. Design icon. Dr. D’Wayne Edwards is all that and more. Join us as D’Wayne, emblematic footwear designer and founder of Pensole Lewis College of Business and Design, and Pensole Footwear Design Academy, sits down with Nigel and walks us through his journey to leadership in academia. Along the way, listen in as he deconstructs what a designer is and what design, and the business of design, means for the Black creatives in the future.

What drives D’Wayne

“But people told me I was crazy, you know, no Black kid from Inglewood would become a footwear designer. That was fuel to my fire. You know, still to this day, I’m motivated by people who doubt me and tell me I can’t do something.”

Dr. D’Wayne Edwards

Disrupting design education

Marrying business and design

Pensole Lewis' program design stems from marrying business with design education. D’Wayne is thinking about education at Pensole Lewis College in a new and different way. His students get real world preparation while receiving top notch education and training from folks who work in jobs in the industry.
Dr. D'Wayne speaking to a group of students