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9 March, 2022

Guest: Kareem Collie
UX Design Lead, IBM Consulting Strategic Design Team

Episode 11 — It’s about time we see design through a new lens

Podcast episode guest Kareem Collie

Join host Nigel Prentice as he sits down with Kareem Collie, IBM User Experience Design Lead, who talks with us about growing up and finding his voice as a designer through experiences that took him around the world, academia, and into corporate America, and how those pivotal life events shaped his perspective as a designer today. Kareem also deep dives into The Black Experience in Design: Identity, Expression & Reflection, an anthology of stories touching on design practice, scholarship, activism, and more, co-edited with several influential black design leaders.

Bringing your identity into your career

“The transition to engaging design is just a transition into engaging culture.”

Kareem Collie

On The Black Experience in Design

Gathering stories

Kareem is one of the editors and writers of the book The Black Experience in Design. His introduction to the section on Design Practices is a place where he reflects on what it means to be a practicing designer in the industry with the additional layer of being Black.
Kareem showing the introduction to the book The Black Experience in Design