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30 November, 2021

Guest: Nigel Prentice
Design Director for Digital Growth and Commerce, Chair for IBM’s Racial Equity in Design Initiative

Episode 09 — It’s about time we set the stage

Podcast episode guest Nigel Prentice

Do not miss this very special episode of It’s about time, as the Chair of IBM’s Racial Equity in Design initiative, Nigel Prentice, steps out from behind the microphone and into the guest chair to share his background, life experiences, and journey to IBM Design executive leader. He also reflects on building the Racial Equity in Design effort, and its significance now and into the future.

Authenticity matters

“It’s a signal to the world that we can create a better society going forward, just by taking a look at who we hire, how we hire, how we promote, and how we are authentic to the very value of equity.”

Nigel Prentice

His own lived experience

It comes from family

On the daily, Nigel pulls from his own lived experience, coming from a very diverse family with roots in being Filipino, Native American, and Black.
Nigel Prentice, his baby sister, and his mom and dad.

Why we focus on equitable hiring

“We need more diverse and empowered teams, because those are the types of teams that deliver better results into the marketplace.”

Nigel Prentice