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IBM needs designers and developers ranging from student-designer interns all the way to industry-tested thought leaders. There are 4 primary disciplines within the design practice, so take a peek and find out if the fit is right for you!

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“I love that everyday I get to advocate for experiences that make our users happy.”
Andie Young, Researcher
Andie Young, Researcher

Design Research

By gaining insights through user research methods, Design Research is our first line of defense in understanding our users. Armed with this knowledge, teams can create the software and service solutions our users need and deserve.

We want to see stories in your portfolio. How will you get us to the insights uncovered in your process?

“I’m proud that I’m mentoring designers to help them see from another perspective.”
Katie Orenstein, Visual Design Lead
Katie Orenstein, Visual Design Lead

Visual Design

Visual designers manipulate observable elements, with the goal of eliciting desired emotional responses and building durable connections with users. Tools of the trade include imaging, typography, layout, color and style.

“Connecting with users is the most valuable part of my day.”
Elayna Spratley, UX Designer
Elyana Spratley, UX Designer

UX Design

Through the interpretation of research and requirements, UX designers craft experiences that connect people with our products and services in meaningful, enduring ways. Tools of the trade include market and audience analysis, user journeys and wireframes.

“It's incredibly rewarding to bring data and assets to life that make people's lives easier.”
Lawrence Humphrey, Front-end Developer
Lawrence Humphrey, Front-end Developer

Front-end development

Front-end development collaborates with the team to generate ideas and make design concepts tangible. Tools of the trade include web and mobile programming skills and synthesis.