Build reactive applications and modernize your business

Reactive Platform enables you to revitalize existing and build new applications that take advantage of advances in distributed architecture and cloud computing. Offered by IBM in partnership with Lightbend, Reactive Platform is based on the leading JVM development platform for creating reactive microservices and fast-data applications on a message-driven runtime.
Reactive Platform

Revitalize legacy systems

Breathe new life into legacy systems with an asynchronous, message-driven approach that integrates with Java and Scala libraries and tools, as well as IDEs, DBs and Fast Data systems.

Build cognitive solutions

Capitalize on high-velocity, high-volume data streams by building reactive systems of microservices with Reactive Platform for enterprise AI or cognitive solutions.

Simplify application development

Create distributed systems correctly from the start, without all the guesswork. Reduce development time with hot-reloading and simplified setup to handle environment and dependency configuration.

What it can do for your business

  • More reliable infrastructure
  • More profitable infrastructure
  • Massive scalability and elasticity
  • Higher developer productivity
  • Rapid time to value
  • Disrupt markets

Which option is right for you?

  • Reactive Platform V1.2

    Reactive Platform V1.2 is a full function development platform and production run-time environment for reactive solutions on the JVM using Scala or Java.

  • Reactive Platform Developer edition

    This edition is intended for use in developer environments. It contains most of the key features of Reactive Platform V1.2

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