What it can do for your business

Aspera faspex on Demand is the solution for high-speed, global person-to-person file delivery and exchange of large files and directories of any size sent in the form of digital packages. The simple web interface and email-style workflow make it easy for individuals and teams to quickly send and receive information over global distances using Aspera FASP® technology. It includes web-based user management, access control, notification options and storage configuration.

Simple web-based interface

Enables large file sending and receiving using an easy to use web-based interface or a variety of other email, mobile and desktop client options

Integration with cloud storage

Delivers industry-leading Direct-to-Cloud transfer performance with its native integration into Cloud object storage

Patented FASP® technology

Enables maximum transfer speeds to, from and across cloud platforms, independent of latency and packet loss

Flexible platform deployment

Supports high-speed transfers with all Aspera clients and servers on all major cloud platforms and in any hybrid infrastructure

Automated workflow options

Supports a variety of file-based workflows with drop boxes for ad-hoc content submission, remote source publishing for browsing & sending content from remote servers, and third-party self-registration

Security and privacy in the cloud

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