Feature spotlights

Unique in-memory data processing

Db2 WarehouseDb2 uses BLU Acceleration, IBM’s in-memory columnar processing technology. Entire datasets are not needed in-memory, no decompression is needed, and performs prefetching of data and data skipping.

Embedded IBM Netezza Analytics

IBM Netezza Analytics are built directly into IBM Db2 Warehouse, with multiple algorithms, including linear regression, decision tree clustering, k-means clustering and ESRI-compatible geospatial extensions.

Embedded Apache Spark Engine

IBM Db2 Warehouse combined with Spark offers higher performance than standalone Spark, providing a better data science experience for data exploration and to train and evaluate predictive models interactively.

Integrated R development and deployment

IBM Db2 Warehouse includes integrated RStudio for development and R in-database functions, operating directly on data in a database. A web console can be used to load data and perform analytics within minutes.

Data migration made easier

IBM makes cloud database migration easy, as IBM Db2 Warehouse works with supported Db2 drivers, and is compatible with Db2, PDA, and Oracle. Deploy IBM Db2 Warehouse as a standalone cloud data warehouse or integrate with on-premises data warehouse for a hybrid solution. For example, Db2 Warehouse can federate queries to on-premises data warehouses using built in Fluid Query, removing the need for ETL processes.

Integrated Spark analytics

With IBM Db2 Warehouse, each node contains its own data and is overlaid with a local Apache Spark executor process, minimizing the latency of accessing the data and speeding up calculations 3 to 5 times faster than in a standalone Spark cluster. A Jupyter notebook container is included with the container to execute interactive code entered in the notebook, with one-click-deployment in which the code is transformed into a compiled and deployed Spark application inside Db2 Warehouse.

Delivered for SDE that support Docker container technology

IBM Db2 Warehouse can be deployed on any Docker supporting operating system of choice- X86, Windows, Mac or Power HW. By taking advantage of SDE, Db2 Warehouse can auto-provision resources to handle changing workload needs. SDE makes deployment and management more efficient, with elastic scaling and ease of updates and upgrades. For example, Db2 Warehouse can provision a full data warehouse stack, including Spark, in minutes.

FlexPoints Licensing

Take advantage of an entire suite of capabilities within the Hybrid Data Management Platform offering with the ability to scale when you want, as well as optimize your investments as your data architecture evolves. With this offering, you can now buy entitlement to the various capabilities included based on FlexPoints. FlexPoints do not expire and can be allocated to any capability within the offering, providing the flexibility to change the deployment mix.

How customers use it

  • Immediate Access To Relevant Data


    There has been an interest in hybrid data warehousing.


    Learn how the flexibility of a hybrid data warehouse enables IT to gain back control of the data, and enable users to gain self service access to all relevant data sources. Real life customer case studies will also be discussed.

  • Flexible scaling and simplified deployment


    Customers have challenges to easily scale their fast growing data marts and concerned about fixed licensing costs


    Db2 Warehouse provides easy way to Scale out and Scale back in to match their workload demands. It will help save on licensing costs as they pay for what they use on a monthly basis.

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