Feature spotlights

Secure access in highly restrictive networks

FASP Proxy provides access to Aspera transfer servers located outside of the corporate network while protecting internal users’ IP addresses. Optional user authentication helps control which clients are allowed access to outside Aspera transfer servers.

Scalable, enterprise-grade protection

Functions as a reverse proxy within a corporate DMZ to protect the security of Aspera transfer servers deployed within the internal network. Using Dynamic Network Address Translation (DNAT), it enables Aspera clients to access the servers from outside without having to give away the servers’ IP addresses to outside users. Options such as high-availability deployment and forwarding rules enable flexible and highly scalable architecture for the most demanding high-volume enterprise scenarios.

Aspera FASP-enabled performance

By using kernel-level packet forwarding to deliver high-speed transfer performance, IBM Aspera FASP Proxy preserves key characteristics of FASP transfers such as speed, security, and complete reliability found in all Aspera software products.

Easy-to-use client interface

With native support for IBM Aspera FASP Proxy built into all desktop and browser-based Aspera clients, there are no special add-ons to install or scripts to run. A simple configuration within the client settings user interface ensures seamless deployment and adoption by client users.

Comprehensive administrative options

IBM Aspera FASP Proxy features load balancing and failover capabilities for fronting multiple Aspera hosts. It enables configuration options including IP address, port numbers, cleanup and keep-alive intervals, timeout period and authentication. Proxy accounts are provided so that only authorized client users can initiate FASP transfers through the proxy.

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