Pre-packaged customer analytics and insights

Pre-configured analytics uncover drivers for attrition, assess customer lifetime value, evaluate customer segment behavior and identify customers requiring attention. Starting from your home page, prioritized customer insights are presented, such as the number of high value customers about to attrite, and the top drivers of this prediction.

Intuitive visual interface

The intuitive interface makes it simple for marketers to consume data without specialized analytic skills. You can narrow down target lists and filter by numerous attributes to view details about your target audience. Dig deeper and explore insights to fine tune target audience lists to reflect campaign plans and constraints.

Recommended targeted audiences

The solution uncovers and examines relationships between key predictors and recommends audiences of interest. Quickly identify the most impactful audiences or create meaningful custom segments from scratch, benefiting from the cognitive insights.

Exportable target audience lists

Deliver new insights to the systems and people who need them. With just a few clicks, you can create, export and share target audience lists for marketing outreach. By integrating with IBM Marketing Cloud, you can export information directly to accelerate campaign execution.

Cloud agility

The cloud-based solution enables you to get up and running quickly, avoiding the time and costs of extensive implementation. Eliminate ongoing solution management and capitalize on continuous updates effortlessly.

Technische Details


Google Chrome 51 oder höher mit aktiviertem JavaScript


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