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Virtual IBM experience at IAA Mobility 2021

More than just a digital twin of the IBM presence at Königsplatz, the IBM Think Virtual Pop-up is our knowledge and engagement hub during IAA Mobility 2021.

Exciting Events

In our agenda you find many exciting events that we will stream directly from Munich. Register now to participate in the sessions virtually.

Relevant Use Cases

You want to drive your business forward, strengthen customer relationships or optimize processes? Experience many client references on Hybrid Cloud, AI and Quantum Computing.

Our Speakers

In our sessions, our speakers and experts share their views with you and give you a taste of the future of your business.

Noriko Suzuki

Global Automotive Research Leader, IBM
Noriko Suzuki is the Global Automotive Research Leader for the IBM Institute for Business Value, IBM’s business think tank organization. She is responsible for developing thought leadership content and strategic business insights for the IBM’s automotive industry practice. She has over 20 years of experience serving automotive customers in Asia, Americas and Europe. She is also a member of IBM Industry Academy.

Stefan Jenzowsky

CEO & Co-Founder, Kopernikus Automotive GmbH
Stefan Jenzowsky is an expert on digital disruption and innovation. Born in 1971 and raised in Berlin, Stefan studied communication science and psychology at the Free University Berlin and the University of Alabama. After this, he worked as a researcher in consumer research and media interaction research at the Ludwig- Maximilians-University in Munich and at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa (USA). Stefan was responsible for new products within Siemens Convergence Creators (Vienna/Berlin), with brought him in frequent contact with Start-Up companies and innovators in Europe and in Silicon Valley. In 2016, Stefan and Tim von Törne founded Kopernikus Automotive, which aims to retro-fit regular production cars to become self-driving cars.

Dr. Heike Riel

IBM Fellow and Lead of IBM Research Quantum Europe/Africa, IBM
Dr. Heike Riel, IBM Fellow and Lead of IBM Research Quantum Europe/Africa, is a distinguished scientist known for advancing the frontiers of information technology through the physical sciences. She is responsible for a research agenda aiming to create scientific and technological breakthroughs in Quantum Computing and Technologies, Physics of Artificial Intelligence, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

Aymen Ismail

Head of Customer Engagement, smart Europe GmbH
Passionate thought leader and expert in the automotive and customer engagement industry, currently working at smart Europe GmbH to reshape the world of electric mobility, customer engagement & omnichannel contact centers.

Johannes Zangerle

Technical Business Developer, b-plus technologies GmbH
Johannes Zangerle is an expert for measurement solutions for driver assistance and autonomous drive systems. He joined b-plus in 2019 as a Technical Business Developer. At b-plus technologies GmbH he defines product features used for highend measurement and validation solutions for ADAS & HAD systems with our customers.

Hans Windpassinger

Solution Leader Automotive, IBM Deutschland GmbH
Hans Windpassinger is member of the global IBM Automotive, Areospace & Defense Team leading the solution areas for connected vehicle technologies, autonomous driving, and engineering of automotive electronics systems. Hans’ 20+ years of automotive industry experiences include consulting, training, technical marketing and sales. Hans studied electronics engineering at Technical University of Munich and earned a MBA with distinction from the University of Warwick.

Harald Ruckriegel

Chief Technologist Automotive, Redhat GmbH
Harald Ruckriegel, Chief Technologist and Strategic Business Development for Automotive, is responsible for pairing Red Hat technologies with the customer requirements and developing automotive use cases. The use cases are spanning from Vehicle OS and Onboard, Autonomous Driving, Virtual Testing, Over-the-Air- Updates, Connected Services, Industrial Internet, Plant Service Bus to classical IT like Cloud Transformation, Artificial Intelligence and BizDevOps. Harald has 18+ years of automotive expertise and joined Red Hat from the BMW Group, where he was responsible for the overall IT strategy in the 360° Global Digitization Strategy. He had the strategic leads and implementation teams for the IT strategy like agile transformation BizDevOps, transformation of the IT system landscape, ramp up of internal software competence and M&A projects, SAP transformation, enterprise architecture and innovation. He is passionate about open source, open innovation, open organization, and leading-edge software technologies.

Nischal Muchakani

Automotive Ecosystem BDM, Redhat GmBH
Nischal is responsible for Go-to-market alliances and auto ecosystem partnerships . He joined Redhat from Intel Automotive division, where he was responsible for technical business development for strategic OEM & Tier1 accounts focussed on carto- cloud portfolio which included AD/ADAS, connected cockpit, V2X. Overall he has 20+ years of industry experience with a blend of technical consultancy-salesbusiness development expertise & international work experience having worked in US, India & now based out of Germany. With digital transformation, reshaping the auto landscape, his role leverages his domain experience in shaping the next generation automotive ecosystem.

Ryuki Tachibana

IBM Research—Tokyo, IBM Japan

Michel Nouguier

Client Executive, BMW Group, IBM Deutschland GmbH
Michel grew-up in Paris and moved to Germany for his bachelor’s degree at the ESB in Reutlingen, where he wrote his thesis on the transformation of the automotive- OEMs towards software-defined mobility providers. After his first work experience at Daimler, he decided to do a part-time Master at IBM to deepen his IT-skills. Once graduated, Michel started full-time as strategy consultant for customer transformation. In numerous software development projects he took on various Agile roles from product owner to scrum master to UX designer while deepening his automotive industry knowledge. Since 2020, Michel has been responsible for all strategic discussions relating to the software-defined vehicles and digital business models in the ACES context, showing how Data, AI & developer ecosystems can help to create more meaningful human experiences and sustainable growth for the BMW Group.

Stefan Schumacher

Head of Automotive Strategy & Solutions, IBM Deutschland GmbH
Stefan Schumacher has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and the industrial sector. He started as a mechanical engineer, started his own business on industrial multimedia projects, moved on to a business consultancy for business strategy work and advanced as the head for ebusiness consulting. In 2001, he moved to IBM to get closer to client projects for large scale business transformations driven by new technologies. Since 2010 he works on Connected Vehicle and New Mobility in various business consulting and business development roles. In 2019 he became the Head of Strategy and Solutions in IBM´s Global Automotive, Aerospace & Defense Industry. Stefan has been personally engaged with Automotive companies around the globe to drive their digitalization agenda and implement innovative mobility solutions.

Christian Kick

Associate Partner—Automotive Strategy, IBM
Enthusiast for customer-centric strategy development and innovative marketing & sales concepts with focus on the automotive industry. 10 years of experience in strategy & management consulting, working with premium & luxury OEMs to define winning strategies and unlock the full potential of deep customer understanding.

Frank Kraemer

IBM Systems Architect, IBM Deutschland GmbH
Frank Kraemer is an IBM Systems Architect for large scale IT solutions. He has a very good understanding of Data Management solutions for Autonomous Driving (AD) and AI in the Automotive Industry. In addition, Frank Kraemer also has intensive Information Technology Consulting Skills related to Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Open Systems, Container Technologies, and modern networking.

Thorsten Schroeer

Director Industry Business Development, IBM Deutschland GmbH
Mr. Schroeer spent more than 20 years in the industrial sector doing extensive work across IoT, AI, supply chain, operations, and business strategy. During that time he worked on projects in Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific. His passion is to help companies to transform in the digital era with the value from the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cognitive Technologies and Industry 4.0 along with cloud, analytics and quantum. After many years in global and in-country roles in consulting, software and sales, he currently leads the Industry Business Development for the Industrial sector in Germany.

Dr. Stefan Wörner

Quantum Applications Research & Software Lead Research, IBM
Dr. Stefan Wörner is a Principal Research Staff Member at IBM Research in Zurich and leads Quantum Applications Research & Software Development at IBM Quantum. The focus of his research is the development and analysis of quantum algorithms for optimization and machine learning as well as their practical applications, e.g., in finance or supply chain management.


Virtual and Onsite Events

Click on the sessions below to see details about the sessions and register right away for your virtual participation. Want to participate onsite? Please reach out to your IBM contact directly or use the contact section below.

7 September

Zeit 10:00–11:00 10:00–20:00 14:00–14:35 15:00–15:30 16:00–16:30 17:00–17:30
Quantum Brunch: Quantum gut verdaulich – was bringt Quantencomputing Ihrer Branche?
Experience IBM at IAA Mobility 2021 on demand
IBM Vehicle-to-Customer–Software-driven mobility experiences & Innovate new mobility services with Moovster
Future of Auto Commerce–Customer Experiences in Automotive
Next-level customer engagement in the automotive industry from smart and IBM
Autonomous cars are here (finally!) – automated remote parking and maneuvering with AVP-2 from Kopernikus and IBM
Dr. Heike Riel
Stefan Schumacher / Mario Lochmüller
Russell Gowers / Michel Nouguier
Aymen Ismail / Christian Kick
Stefan Jenzowsky / Thorsten Schroeer

8 September

Zeit 10:00–11:45 10:00–20:00 14:00–14:35 15:00–15:30 16:00–16:30 16:30–19:30 18:00–20:00 18:00–20:00
IBM Innovations-Treff
Visit us at Think Pop-up in Munich
IBM Solutions for the Software Defined Vehicle with Red Hat and IBM
AI & Big Data management for Autonomous Driving and intelligent and efficient test data acquisition with b-plus and IBM
IBM and Red Hat In-Vehicle Software Solutions: IBM Embedded Automotive Platform (IEAP) with IBM Edge Computing
The Power of 10–IBM Power Event des Jahres
Georgia Tech Alumni-Treff
IBM Regional Club Süd–Treffpunkt für IBM Geschäftspartner
Hans Windpassinger, Harald Ruckriegel & Nischal Muchakani
Johannes Zangerle & Frank Kraemer
Hans Windpassinger

9 September

Zeit 10:00–11:30 10:00–20:00 12:00–19:00
CANCOM–Treff (closed event)
Visit us at Think Pop-up in Munich
Der Vater Smart Pre-Hack (closed event)

10 September

Zeit 10:00–12:00 10:00–20:00 14:00–14:45 15:00–15:30 16:30–19:00
Impactful strategy for dealing with cyber risks
Visit us at Think Pop-up in Munich
How will the automotive industry landscape change? Insights from automotive studies & The expanding auto ecosystem: How to manage leads and fuel customer engagement
Quantum in Automotive
Meetup–Hybrid Cloud & AI in the Automotive Industry
Noriko Suzuki, Russell Gowers & Greg Hancock
Mardan Kerimov

11-12 September

Zeit 10:00–11:30 10:00–20:00 12:00–19:00
CANCOM–Treff (closed event)
Visit us at Think Pop-up in Munich
Der Vater Smart Pre-Hack (closed event)

IBM at IAA Mobility 2021

We at IBM believe that the future of mobility is connected, personalized, autonomous and software. How do you define the new era of mobility to accelerate your business?

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