Streamline product development through engineering operations

Improve the alignment between the assets you operate and the connected products you engineer

  • IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) digitizes the engineering process using integrated industry methodologies such as SAFe and agile, allowing you to collaborate across geographically dispersed teams
  • Infusing AI into the development of complex products, and integrating product data into development you can deploy new features and functions at enterprise scale and accelerate your journey to Industry 4.0
  • Product Lifecycle Management and Connected Solutions services connect asset, engineering and supply chain operations to give you oversight across the product lifecycle

IBM Engineering Academy Europe features

  • Thought-leaders, Analysts and Domain Experts sharing their experiences on engineering in the new normal
  • Industry Experts providing best practices and project insights
  • IBM Business Partners solving specific engineering and industry challenges  
  • Deep engineering technical sessions to learn how to build resilient business operations

Academy Highlights

Keynote: Insightful engineering at enterprise scale

Opening Panel hosted by Allan Behrens
Principal Analyst and Co-founder, Taxal

Join Allan Behrens hosting an executive panel discussion, how organizations can build resilient business operations by advancing their approach for engineering. Technologies like AI and modern development methods can significantly accelerate innovation and create a dependable development approach across teams and organizational boundaries.

Keynote: The impact of innovation and AI

Sky Matthews, CTO Watson IoT to Sky Matthews, CTO AI Applications

Sky Matthews, Chief Technology Officer for AI Applications explains how the application of innovation and AI in context of software and systems engineering allows businesses to become more resilient and deliver unprecedented value to clients

Engineering in Automotive

Spotlight on Automotive
Several sessions explain in detail, how methods and standards like SAFe, ASPICE and ISO 26262 affect the engineering approach therefore enabling you to successfully deliver compliant projects.

Academy sessions

Overview and introductory sessions
Seven Reasons for IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management
 Peter Schedl, Patrick Weber (IBM)
IBM Services for Advanced Digital Product Development
 Michael Kuepper, Erfan Bashiri (IBM)
Industry 4.0 delivered: About Innovation in Manufacturing
 Plamen Kiradjiev (IBM)
Navigate the “new normal” through integrated development process
 Richard Watson, Graham Bleakley, Fariz Saracevic, Christophe Telep, Amy Silberbauer, Rolf Nelson (IBM)

Industry spotlights
Digitalization for Industries - Era of Augmented Intelligence
 Ralf Bucksch (IBM)
How to deploy Agility at Scale with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) and SAFe
 Charles-Henri Jurd (IBM)
Service Offerings for Process Improvements with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management
 Horst Sprengel, Judith Leick (IBM)
The synergy between ISO-26262, ASPICE and IBM Engineering
 Michael Halder (IBM)
Transforming A&D engineering with IBM ELM
 Eran Gery (IBM)
Impact of AI in Automotive Engineering
 Brett Hillhouse (IBM)
IBM Services - Success stories in product development
 Michael Kuepper, Uwe Danneck, Aarno Buecker (IBM)
IBM in the Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)/Autonomous Driving Market
 Hans Windpassinger (IBM)

Panel Discussion "Insightful Engineering at Enterprise Scale"
 Allan Behrens (Taxal), Jiani Zhang (Persistent), Andrea Hennemann, Louise Skordby, Ralf Bucksch (IBM)
Keynote: Innovation in Times of Uncertainty
 Sky Matthews (IBM)

Industrial Project and Experiences
Bombardier Transportation, our journey using ELM: successes, pitfalls and challenges
 Rudi Bunkens (Bombardier)
IBM Partner: Sodius Willert - Modeling AUTOSAR with Rhapsody
 Walter von der Heiden (IBM)
IBM Partner: Sodius Willert - Extending ELM with OSLC to Jira and Windchill
 Robert Baillargeon (Sodius Willert)
IBM Partner: SVA - Tame and master the ASPICE monster
 Robert Genzinger (SVA)
IBM Partner: SmarterProcess - Implementation DO-178 using IBM ELM in ITWL
 Krzysztof Wierzbicki (Air Force Institute of Technology). Bartosz Chrabski (SmarterProcess / ReqPro)
IBM Partner: Ulma - Model Based Design for Advanced GUI Industrial Appliances 
 Oskar Berreteaga Castro (Ulma)
IBM Partner: SyntheSys - Travel & Transport - Compliance in the Rail Sector
 Matt Mendell (SyntheSys) , Gordon Woods (East West Rail)

Technology In-depth
DEMO - Engineering Lifecycle Management for Aerospace & Defense industry
 Andy Lapping, Eran Gery (IBM)
DEMO - Ensuring Product Quality and Compliance
 Patrick Weber, Mark Best, Fabrice Mendes, Horst Sprengel (IBM)
Gain Insight into your Connected Engineering Data
 Andy Lapping