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Data is the lifeblood of every organization. As your organization’s data footprint expands across various cloud providers, SaaS applications and endpoints, your risk of a data breach also increases. Hackers and cybercriminals are seeking to exploit security vulnerabilities to access sensitive data that is spread across multiple cloud data centers and data stores. 

Data security and compliance are two sides of the same coin. Complex compliance regulations, such as DORA, GDPR, CCPA, SOX, PCI, HIPAA and others, all have the same purpose: preventing unauthorized access to customers’ and users’ sensitive information.

Comprehensive data security solutions, whether implemented on premises or in a hybrid cloud, help you gain greater visibility and insights to investigate and remediate cyberthreats. These solutions can enforce security policies and access controls in near real time and help you meet regulatory compliance requirements, improving your data security posture.


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Benefits Discover data security vulnerabilities in real time

Does your security team know where your critical data resides and who has access to it?  The key steps in protecting sensitive data include automating visibility, controlling access policies and implementing ongoing monitoring to identify vulnerabilities and risks before they lead to breaches, ransomware and other cyberattacks.

Secure your data to prevent a catastrophic breach

Support a zero trust approach to data management with an integrated suite of capabilities, including automatically created and securely isolated data copies, that can tackle cybersecurity gaps in on-premises or hybrid cloud deployments. 

Help simplify regulatory compliance

Addressing the growing number of privacy mandates is difficult enough; keeping up with reporting can be another hardship for your team. Simplify the process with automation, analytics and activity monitoring. 

Data security and protection solutions

The digital era has increased the use of cloud infrastructure and cloud applications for every organization. The expanding data footprint, continued digital transformation and cloud migration have increased the organizations’ attack surface. As a result, while organizations have gained scale and efficiency, they now have a greater need for data security. Organizations need data security that covers their data on premises, in the cloud infrastructure, and in SaaS apps—and that integrates with their enterprise security systems.

With data breaches costing global organizations millions on average, it's critical to understand all your repositories for structured and unstructured data, where they reside, who can access them, what needs to be encrypted, what is the flow of this data, and what potential misconfigurations exist. These foundational solutions lay the groundwork for robust data security posture management.

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Data resilience

Flash storage solutions for storage data protection and cyber resilience promote operational continuity, better performance and lower infrastructure costs.

Data privacy

Address compliance with privacy mandates, build trust with your stakeholders, and stand out from your competitors as data privacy concerns continue to drive new regulations.

Cloud data security

Protect your enterprise hybrid cloud environment confidently with a cohesive security program, from authentication and access management to threat containment.

Case studies
IBM and Westfield: Protecting client data with proactive security Westfield Insurance implemented IBM Security Guardium, IBM Security QRadar, and IBM Security SOAR to support its customers and enable business growth. By collaborating with IBM Security, the insurance company aims to ensure its long-term viability by protecting policyholders’ sensitive and personal data. Learn more about Guardium
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Improve security with our fully integrated secure devops and threat modeling services. Discover and classify data, deploy and manage data protection and encryption.

Cloud data security services

Get the cloud security experts on your side to help strengthen your information security as you migrate workloads to the cloud to unlock new opportunities.

Encryption and cryptography for data protection

Retain full control of your organization’s sensitive data that is accessed, stored and transmitted by other parties with a combination of technologies and expertise from IBM and IBM Business Partners.

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Uncover data security risks in your hybrid cloud with risk scoring, centralized visibility, simple compliance enablement, advanced analytics, flexible deployment options and limitless scalability.

IBM Security® Guardium® Data Protection

Monitor data activity and accelerate compliance auditing and reporting for your data stored anywhere. Discover and classify data and data sources, monitor user activity and respond to threats in real time.

IBM Security® Guardium® Data Encryption

Encrypt sensitive data in all states and across environments: your files, databases and applications. Address data security and privacy regulations, and control encryption keys for cloud-based data.

IBM Security® Discover and Classify

Implement zero trust-based data discovery and data classification for greater visibility, context and insight into your data—structured or unstructured, at rest or in motion.

IBM Security® Guardium® Key Lifecycle Manager

Protect your data with a centralized encryption key management solution that reduces costs and improves operational efficiency.

IBM Security® Guardium® Vulnerability Assessment

Understand your security posture by scanning your data infrastructure to detect vulnerabilities, cyberthreats and security gaps.

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