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Design a data strategy that eliminates data silos, reduces complexity and improves data quality for exceptional customer and employee experiences 
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Data management challenges limit innovation


Fundamental data management challenges—silos, complexity and inconsistent data sets—limit your ability to use data to make employees and customers day-to-day workflows easier. Quality, actionable data for data scientists and business users requires a flexible data management approach that integrates with your existing technology with the deployment of your choice.  

IBM data and AI solutions empower organizations to use enterprise data for analytics, applications, automation and AI-powered products across on-premises, public and private clouds. These solutions help improve resiliency, reliability, scalability and cost-effectiveness without sacrificing data security, data protection and data quality. By helping strengthen your approach to enterprise data management, you can use these solutions to help make data simple, trustworthy, secure and unlock value from your data wherever it resides. 

As you design your data strategy, explore IBM’s comprehensive portfolio of data and AI technologies such as a data lakehouse and data fabric that serve as a foundation to a modern data stack.

Unify and share data across databases with watsonx.data for analytics and gen AI

Elevate the value of your data

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Set up, operate, and scale a Db2 database on Amazon RDS in just a few clicks
Why IBM for data management Build the next generation of applications, dashboards, and AI with end-to-end data management across a hybrid, multicloud environment. Download the Forrester Wave for Data Management for Analytics to see for yourself Scale analytics and AI

Reduce cost and time to insight and enhance confidence and trust in data used for applications, analytics, and AI with a modern data architecture.

Simplify and make data accessible

Access existing data lakes and data warehouses on-premises or in the cloud and integrate them with new data to unlock new insights.

Be resilient, reliable, and scalable 

Deliver business continuity and mitigate data-related outages. Start small and scale across use cases and deployments (cloud, hybrid and on-premises).

Manage governance, risk, and compliance  

Control data privacy and security locally with built-in governance, metadata management, and security and deploy globally with enterprise-wide governance solutions

Accelerate deployment and avoid lock-in

Partner with IBM to accelerate deployments across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Support all types of data and use cases with open source, open standards, and interoperability with IBM and 3rd party services.

Data management solutions

Store, manage, secure and unlock the hidden value of your data and databases with purpose-built technologies for cloud, hybrid and on-premises deployments. Design a modern data foundation to support all data, analytics and AI use cases.

watsonx.data Scale analytics and AI, by optimizing data warehouse workloads, at up to half the cost, anywhere.    Learn more about watsonx.data

IBM Db2 Built for the world’s mission critical workloads. Power your applications and real-time analytics at scale with the highly performant, resilient, and cloud-native database engine.  Learn more about IBM Db2

IBM Netezza Performance Server  Get scalable insights and ultimate cost control with an advanced cloud-native data warehouse with the option for SaaS deployments.  Learn more about IBM Netezza Performance Server

IBM Informix Run powerful, transactional workloads on the edge, in the cloud or on premises, with the embeddable, low-footprint database.   Learn more about IBM Informix

IBM Db2 for z/OS An on-premises database that runs on IBM z/OS®, delivering mainframe security, scalability, availability and power Learn more about IBM Db2 for z/OS

OEM data-source partnerships 

Leverage our OEM data-source partnerships and benefit from well-supported data management platforms


IBM and Cloudera have partnered to create data and AI services using open source ecosystems — all designed to achieve faster data and analytics at scale.


MongoDB Enterprise Advanced with IBM provides enterprise tooling so you can build apps faster and distribute data to where it needs to be, with the freedom to run anywhere.

EnterpriseDB (EDB)

Work with IBM to license, implement and get support for EDB Postgres and take advantage of this integrated, open-source-based SQL relational database solution built for your enterprise-scale data needs.


DataStax Enterprise with IBM provides you with a hybrid cloud solution that boosts user productivity by simplifying enterprise-wide data integration into open-source Apache Cassandra-based technology.


IBM has partnered with SingleStore to provide a single source of support and governance for SingleStoreDB. Simplify your data architecture while delivering ultra-fast speed and elastic scalability.

Data fabric architecture 

Use active metadata, automated integration and AI governance to create widespread and organized data access with a data fabric architecture built on IBM Cloud Pak for Data. 

Data Integration on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Deliver readily consumable and reliable data to your teams at anytime.

Data Governance on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Discover, trust and protect data with an automated metadata-driven data foundation.

Data Science and MLOps on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Simplify MLOps lifecycle management to accelerate the AI lifecycle.

AI governance

Automate AI governance to create responsible, transparent and explainable AI workflows.

Data insights and applications 
Accelerate data analysis and AI for actionable solutions that create exceptional data visualization, dashboards and data modeling experiences that drive business value.  Learn more
Work with IBM Consulting™ 

Get help with data strategy, consulting, digital transformation on cloud, and data management services to realize virtual enterprise vision. 

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IBM databases on AWS

Tackling AI’s data challenges with IBM databases on AWS.

Database management software solutions Database management

Employ high-performance and scalable transactional data processing with query optimization for various data types.

Data warehouse

Perform analytics with on-premises, cloud -based and integrated application deployment options.

Data lake

Store and query structured, semi-structured and unstructured data with this data storage solution.

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