Plan a return to the workplace

Employees are a company’s most valuable resource. That leaves employers everywhere asking: How do you reopen safely and smartly, and in a way that lets you adapt to changing circumstances? IBM Watson Works helps you make those difficult decisions.

Available now, Watson Works solutions use data, AI technology and blockchain to help you make decisions in three critical areas: workplace re-entry, facilities management and workplace safety.

Workers wearing masks in office settings

Plan a return to the workplace that prioritizes employees’ health, safety and productivity. (01:10)


Put employees at the center of your strategy

Prepare spaces in which everyone feels protected with access to clean and compliant workplaces.

Manage through disruption

Use data to monitor and manage risk levels, adhere to new policies and guidelines, and optimize space with confidence.

Keep sensitive data private and secure

Guard health and employee information using solutions that rely on world-class IBM security.

Hear from industry leaders

How do you lead through uncertainty?

Despite the disruptions of COVID-19, Lockheed Martin, Johnson & Johnson, Workday and IBM have all prioritized employee health, safety and productivity.

At a recent roundtable event, these industry experts shared their stories and practical advice on how to navigate a changing workplace.

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The best of the best: event highlights (05:52)

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