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Example CAT Reasoning Report

Gain insights through a fair, rapid, and practical measure of your candidate or employee’s skills in evaluating the patterns and trends in information.

Example Data Entry Report

Measure the speed and accuracy of the test taker’s ability to type information into a simulation of a spreadsheet.

Example Job Fit Report

Compare your candidate’s work preferences to the job profile and leverage recommended follow up interview questions.

Example Leadership Behaviors Assessment Report

Gain insights on the test taker's application of leadership behaviors and help individuals to understand their leadership style.

Example Leadership Preference Development Report

This assessment helps individuals to understand their own leadership preferences and motivations.

Example Manager Selector Report

This assessment test measures key traits related to effective management.

Example Motivation Report

This questionnaire highlights the needs most important to the test taker, measuring 12 motivating factors grouped into three sets of needs.

Example Occupational Personality Inventory Report

Provides a good description of the test taker’s behavior at work for up to 12 months, depending on the work role and personal circumstances.

Example Performance Indicator Report (Customer Service Example)

Addresses the likelihood that someone will engage in behaviors that enhance a customer’s experience and satisfaction.

Example Skills Report (Microsoft Outlook 2016)

Designed for anyone who uses Outlook for their email communication to assess the user’s ability to use common and advanced functions.

Example Spelling Report

This test is designed for clerical workers and administrative assistants whose position requires the ability to spell accurately.

Example Typing Report

This test measures the speed and accuracy of a user’s typing and should be given to anyone whose typing speed needs to be measured.