Why use pre-hire and employee assessment tests?

As companies seek to improve their quality of hire while keeping up with the pace of business, psychological testing and assessments are becoming increasingly important in the talent selection process. Tried and true assessment tests can increase objectivity and prediction and identify reliable measures of ability, personality, values, interests, knowledge, and skill.

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Assessments are critical for our organization. We’re going to bring in about 700,000 applicants in a given year in order to get to 35,000 hires. You can’t spend all of your time with the wrong people.

Jim Hughes, Sr. Director of HR, Red Lobster


applicants per year for 35,000 hires

Whether you’re a global enterprise or a growing small business, we’ll help you streamline your hiring and predict employee performance.

Individual Assessments

Immediate access to our off-the-shelf behavioral and skills assessment tests. Perfect for any small business.

Enterprise Assessments

Ranging from a little extra help to bespoke solutions and custom integrations, our enterprise plans provide access to expanded assessment content and features.

Cybersecurity Assessments

Our Cybersecurity Aptitude Test is a unique approach for organizations trying to keep up with the high demand for cyber talent.

Businesses that use pre-hire assessments are 36% more likely than all others to be satisfied with their new hires.

Pre-Hire Assessments: An Asset for HR in the Age of the Candidate, Aberdeen, 2015

Enjoy powerful assessment features and flexibility

And empower your team to hire and manage with precision

Best-in-class Microsoft simulations

One of our most popular tests, we offer a wide range of high quality Microsoft simulations and provide Microsoft tutorials for organizations focused on upskilling and training.

We are ATS agnostic

With our comprehensive list of standard integrations, your assessment tests can be up and running in no time. Not seeing your ATS listed? We also have an open API for custom integrations.

Standard ATS integrations include: ABD, Avionte, PC Recruiter, JobDiva, SmartSearch, Tempworks, Cornerstone, EARCU, Mindscope.

Powerful and proven results

With reporting backed by a team of I/O psychologists and 30+ years of HR research, you’ll always get the insights you need. Our assessment tests are proven, valid, and legally defensible.

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