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What is the IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite?

To succeed today, your supply chain needs to be dynamic, responsive and interconnected to your ecosystem and processes. The IBM® Sterling Supply Chain Suite gives you the end-to-end visibility, real-time insights and recommended actions to turn disruptions into opportunities for customer engagement, growth and profit.


IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite chart

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite

The IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite is an open, integrated platform that easily connects to your supplier ecosystem, while leveraging advanced technologies like AI and blockchain.

Supply chain control tower

A single view of processes and data from disparate sources, and an AI-powered, personalized dashboard of KPIs and events to easily understand, prioritize and resolve critical issues in real time.

Supply chain applications

Applications for supplier, inventory and order management, embedded with AI and blockchain, trained in supply chain, and proven in real-world use cases to enable faster, more informed decision making.

Supply chain intelligence services

Composable business, data and AI services — trained in supply chain and open to developers — to accelerate tailored application development and data integration.

Supply chain business network

A cloud-based, digital business network, enabled with AI, blockchain and API capabilities, that provides trusted, multi-enterprise connectivity and supply chain integration, with a centralized information hub for data management.

Developer hub

Open-source programs, a library of knowledge resources and a global community to help developers build and extend applications that drive continuous supply chain innovation and growth.

For supply chain leaders

Supply chains need smarter business networks that are dynamic, responsive and enable multi-enterprise collaboration.

For IT and developers

IBM Sterling offers an open platform and developer hub for building tailored solutions for your supply chain. 


The IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network is a cloud-based, digital business network

Purpose-built control towers

Inventory optimization

Proactively monitors and manages network inventory availability, and responds to disruptions during peak periods and promotion events.


Proactively monitors and manages the movement of goods through the supply chain and across international borders.

Unlock the benefits of IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite

Real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations

Trusted connectivity — built to scale and backed by IBM Blockchain

Open to developers to create tailored solutions

Hybrid cloud integration to extend existing supply chain investments