Complex order orchestration to meet the changing demands of your supply chain

B2B brands know that omnichannel is no longer optional. The lines between B2C and B2B no longer exist — clients expect the same experience in the office as they get at home — delivery how, when and where they want it. You need an advanced order orchestration platform that provides a single view of orders and inventory across your entire fulfillment network. One that allows customers to order and receive from any channel, get a committed fulfillment promise and track order status.

Parker Hannifin delivers superior customer experiences with seamless selling and fulfillment
“We now have better visibility into inventory and orders across our global supply network. This clarity helps us optimize stock levels to reduce inventory carrying costs, and ensure that orders are fulfilled in a timely, accurate manner, which in turn boosts customer satisfaction.”
 – Bob McAdoo, Vice President, Worldwide Business Systems, Parker Hannifin

Key capabilities

Manage complex orders and organizational structures
Go beyond what ERP can deliver with a flexible platform

Inventory optimization
Perfect delivery by linking inventory supply to customer demand

Global order visibility and monitoring
Deliver the perfect order every time, profitably

Available-to-promise commitment
Get accurate, real-time ATP information at the time of purchase

State-of-the-art hybrid cloud technology
Experience a proven platform that can manage complex order processes

Proven integration
See how advanced order orchestration software fits seamlessly into back-office processes

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IBM Sterling Order Management

Orchestrate your entire fulfillment network with powerful core capabilities and next-level options.

IBM Field Sales and IBM Sterling Configure, Price, Quote

Manage opportunities and quotes effectively to close business deals more efficiently.

IBM Sterling Call Center

Meet the challenges found in typical customer order management business scenarios.

AI-powered order management solutions are transforming the industry

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