Transform business operations with edge computing

Edge brings AI and analytics closer to where IoT data is created to enable faster insights, maintain continuous operations and improve business efficiency. As more IoT devices are deployed, the need for AI at the edge grows exponentially.

Uses of enterprise edge include application of real-time insights to manufacturing operations, equipment monitoring, predictive asset maintenance, fleet-vehicle management and tracking, video surveillance, worker safety tracking and offshore drilling.

Create adaptable, resilient workplaces

Businesses in manufacturing, distribution and other industries that cannot fully operate remotely need to provide a safe and healthy environment for returning workers. Real-time data from edge devices such as thermal sensors or wearables can quickly identify worker health conditions and alert safety concerns.

Our Worker Insights with Edge powered by IBM Maximo® Worker Insights solution helps monitor basal temperature monitoring, crowd density tracking, no-go zone tracking and alerting, health monitoring, occupancy monitoring and social distance scoring. 

Scale Industry 4.0 with AI at the edge

Edge computing is a crucial element in the Industry 4.0 evolution that creates smarter, dynamic, and cost-efficient manufacturing operations. By combining plant floor solutions with edge computing, deploying AI at the edge to drive analytics and actionable insights at the point of operation, and navigating the complexities of IT/OT convergence, you can access data in real-time and act on it where it really matters — at the edge.


AI, IoT and edge computing technologies are used together to capture machine data, filter, transform and perform analysis on the key data in near real time. This enables organizations to achieve a positive return on investment from cost savings and better worker safety.

Edge-enabled applications

Learn about production optimization

Create a self-healing production process with AI and machine learning at the edge.

IBM Visual Insights

Make computer vision with deep learning more accessible to business users.

IBM Maximo Worker Insights

Draw real-time data from IoT wearables and environmental sensors to analyze and predict workplace hazard insights.

Three people working over table at design firm

Edge Strategy and Transformation

Co-create, design and deploy edge-enabled AI solutions, applications and platforms; achieve workloads at massive scale.

Client stories


Find out how L’Oreal enabled real-time visibility across machines, operators and sites to drive faster innovation.


Learn how ProMare unlocked the secrets of the ocean with an autonomous ship operated by AI and edge technology.


Discover how Groupama is disrupting the insurance industry with edge-power telematics. 

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