IBM IaaS provides all the benefits of hybrid cloud – without the complexity and costs

IT teams are dealing with rising business expectations, spiraling costs, limited scalability and flexibility, and challenges to bring new services and capabilities to market quickly. IBM Infrastructure as a Service addresses these challenges by providing a singular and consistent approach to IaaS across hybrid clouds, including: 

  • comprehensive options from on-premise private clouds to data center multi-tenant private clouds to IBM Public Cloud
  • cross platform from x86 to Z OS to IBM i/AIX 
  • complete IaaS solutions from managed hypervisor layer (Red Hat, VMWare, etc.) through infrastructure (Compute, Network, Storage)
  • integrated multicloud connectivity and site and facilities services 
  • predefined as a service offering with standardized architecture and market pricing

IBM Managed Infrastructure as a Service benefits:

Greater availability and up-time

Greater overall infrastructure availability and up-time from a fully integrated secure standardized solution

Lower TCO

Lower total cost of ownership from single vendor efficient designs

Flexible and easy to use

Flexible and easy to use / Respond to business demands with automation and self-service capabilities.

Convert CapEx to OpEx

Elimination of client CapEx converting IT into OpEx Gain agility and free up capital for other strategic needs

IBM Managed Private Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Free up capital and resources with a managed private cloud on a pay per use model

Your applications will reside in a secure single-tenant environment. The infrastructure resources include compute, storage and network, which eliminates capital costs associated with new technology adoption. This model enables flexibility to scale as your business needs change without having to procure, maintain and manage the technology.

IBM Cloud Managed Services on z Systems

Gain scalable, reliable and secure cloud mainframe services

IBM Cloud Managed Services on z Systems offers the ability to run mission-critical workloads in a cloud environment with access to the latest mainframe technology and expertise while shifting from CapEx to OpEx. The service is designed to enable IT and line-of-business leaders to dynamically handle the demands of tomorrow's technology and business needs as a security-rich and scalable multi-tenant mainframe environment running in a purpose-built IBM data center.

IBM MultiNetwork Services

IBM MultiNetwork Services helps create a seamless global WAN for improved global agility, simplified management and higher network capacity at a lower cost.

Deeper insights on managed infrastructure

Embrace Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Your network has to transform to meet your dynamic business needs.

SDN enables the application journey to the cloud. 

Are Cloud Managed Services The Right Financial Choice for Your Business?

IT leaders often don't have the purview or broad business-level data points to appropriately assess the total impact of their IT investment. 

This brief can help you better understand the CIO and CFO perspectives and considerations on Cloud Managed Services, and the business value they are realizing with what these services can deliver.

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Kevin Powell

Director - Managed Infrastructure as a Service Offerings

Steve Currie

Distinguished Engineer, Network Innovation and Automation

  • Network consulting
  • SDN architectures
  • Technology quality/cost-effectiveness

Brendan Coffey

Master Inventor, Mainframe Services

  • IT transformation consulting
  • Server consolidation/virtualization
  • Cloud/mainframe solutions

Dean Parker

Offering Manager, Cloud Private Storage

  • Storage-as-a-Service
  • Cloud Private Storage
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