Why you need to master threat hunting

191 days

Average dwell time of advanced persistent threats¹


Average cost of a data breach²

91 percent

Of security leaders report threat hunting increased the speed and accuracy of response³

20 percent of threats can cause 80 percent of the damage to your organization

Are you a threat hunter or the hunted?

The maturity of security operation centers comes down to your ability to see beyond the SIEM to all systems of compromise. Effectively taking your cybersecurity stance to the next level means you need to:

  • Handle a deluge of data across siloed networks
  • Turn data into information and ultimately intelligence
  • Skill-up hunters and easily feed threat intelligence
  • Hunt threats in a repeatable and orchestrated way

Is threat hunting art or science?

It’s both. To detect more threats, in less time, and with faster remediation you need the sharpest tools and the most skilled hunters.



Many alerts from your SIEM, network, endpoints and user behavior analytics require the trained hunter eye to find, track and take threats out of the game. Effective hunters can and should:

  • Create hypothesis based off of behavioral and system indicators outside the traditional security stack
  • Investigate what most would see as simple system interruptions
  • Uncover connections between signals, triggers, threats, attacks and actors
  • Report, share and enrich findings to automate protection moving forward


Hunters require an arsenal of tools to be the best in the game. For threat hunters to track faster with better aim, they need an arsenal that can: 

  • Pull threat intel from internal systems and data -- even sources outside the security stack like emails and human resource data
  • Seamlessly connect external threat intelligence to your SIEM including unstructured data sources like blogs and social media
  • Compile meaningful statistical analysis from information silos to give accurate patterns of attack
  • Give intelligence analysis that meets all analyst skill levels with static and dynamic views of attack timelines, trends and geospatial relationships

Meet an IBM threat hunter

The knowledge and experience of threat hunters play a very important role in detecting threats, triaging the spread of the infection, and ultimately remediating the threat.

See the science of threat hunting

IBM i2 turns overwhelming and disparate data into actionable insight and intelligence, in near real time.

See the science of threat hunting

IBM Security solutions to master threat hunting

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¹ Source: "Cost of a Data Breach Study," IBM Security, 2018

² Source: "Cost of a Data Breach Study," IBM Security, 2016

³ Source: "The Hunter Strikes Back: The SANS 2017 Threat Hunting Survey" SANS, 2017