Today’s reality means that organizations need to be constantly vigilant against security breaches — and having a robust incident response plan in place is vital. A proactive approach that strategizes before, during and after a  potential breach enables your organization to make the most informed decisions to defend it. To minimize the revenue loss of a security incident, you need a comprehensive view that integrates security threat intelligence, incident response and remediation. 


Well-documented, tested planning

Being prepared with solid incident response procedures in place is the first defense strategy to avoid operating in crisis mode. With well-planned incident response and threat intelligence services, your organization can identify potential threats before they strike.

Rapid response during a breach

What happens if you have a solid incident response plan in place, but still experience an attack? It’s critical to investigate and put an end to the attack quickly. Security services help you assess the situation — and minimize the damage — with incident responders, forensic analysis, malware analysis, threat assessments and more.

Post-breach monitoring

Once a breach is identified and contained, and the worst is over, the recovery work is just beginning. Incident response and threat intelligence services help your organization continue to monitor affected systems and incorporate what you’ve learned into protecting against the next attack.

X-Force Threat Intelligence Index

Get a better understanding of the current threat landscape.

Incident response and threat intelligence services

Safer citizens, stronger communities

The city of Los Angeles provides a host of citizen services, many of which have been digitized for easy access for citizens and businesses. But online public sector information is a very attractive target for security threats and data loss. The city partnered with IBM to create the Los Angeles Cyber Lab, a secure, first-of-its-kind online community powered by shared threat intelligence.

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