IBM Return to Workplace Advisor is part of Watson Works.

Guard the health, safety and productivity of your people in a changing workplace.

Re-open worksites with data and analytics

A key component of the IBM Watson Works solution, IBM Return to Workplace Advisor is designed to assist businesses in re-opening the workplace, with a focus on employee health. The solution includes a command center analytics application that is designed to assist organizations in assessing worksite and community risk data in near real time – helping to identify company locations where conditions have been met to return to the workplace. It also provides individuals with an employee support application designed to answer questions about COVID-19, self-report symptoms and communicate return to work status.

How customers use our tools

Employee Support Application

Designed to engage employees with a single source for health and workplace re-entry information

— Gather self-reported symptoms and other data to routinely assess return to work status
— Answer COVID-19 questions with a Watson virtual assistant
— Notify employees of their return to work status
— Direct employees to testing vendors and medical care resources

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Mobile Center Analytics Application view

Preparing for re-entry

Optimize your strategy for re-entry and building workforce resiliency