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Is Netezza going away?

No, Netezza is not going away. Certain models, Netezza TwinFin (all N2001) and Striper (all N2001) from 2009 to 2014 will reach end-of-support as early as June 20, 2019. That is why now is the perfect time to upgrade to the IBM Integrated Analytics System (IAS), our next generation appliance, with all the advantages of Netezza and more.

Why should I upgrade now?

The most compelling reason to upgrade now is to avoid having your business-critical workloads left unsupported. The second important reason is to capitalize on the performance and capabilities of new technology to future proof your organization. IBM has new options driving better performance, embedded Data Science and ML capabilities on a cloud-ready platform to meet the growing challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet-of-Things (IOT), Social and Mobile.  

What are the advantages of using a Data Warehouse appliance?

A Data Warehouse Appliance (DWA) can provide an economical and practical solution for your data warehousing and analytics requirements. Pre-configured appliances can remove time and complexity in purchasing and integrating hardware and software, while still offering self-service data access, dynamic workload management and the ability to query archived data (especially when combined with cloud or Hadoop data). Sub-components of an appliance have been developed or chosen specifically for that appliance, tuned and tested in advance. Instead of focusing on hardware, your team can focus on the system capabilities system.

What is the IBM Integrated Analytics System?

The IBM Integrated Analytics System is a unified hybrid data management analytics solution providing massively parallel processing (MPP). It is comprised of a high-performance hardware platform, optimized database query engine software and networking capabilities that work together to support various data analysis and business-reporting capabilities. The subcomponents have been developed, tuned and tested to save setup and administration time and costs.

How is the IBM Integrated Analytics System different from older Netezza models?

Improved performance (up to 5X), built-in advanced data virtualization, the IBM Common SQL Engine and cloud readiness are a few of the new additions to the Integrated Analytics System. For your data scientist, Apache Spark and advanced tools enable machine learning and near real-time analytics. The embedded Common SQL engine unifies data access across your logical data warehouse, federating data across Db2, Hadoop, and even third-party data sources. Other new significant features include; cloud readiness, in-place incremental hardware expansion and multi-temperature storage expansion.

What are the benefits of the IBM Integrated Analytics System?

The IBM Integrated Analytics System delivers a solution for your data scientists that minimizes their difficulties in developing and deploying even the most advanced analytics workloads. This high powered analytic appliance accepts data from multiple data types and locations, from both traditional data warehouses and near/real-time operational or mixed workloads. The IBM Integrated Analytics System delivers performance and scalability for any size or type of workload, and being "cloud ready" it fits into a hybrid data management strategy.

How can I leverage IAS if I decide to move to the cloud later?

The IBM Integrated Analytics System is your bridge into a new hybrid world. Shift workloads within a public cloud, private cloud and on-premises environments, based on your application requirements. With this next-generation appliance, you have the flexibility and elasticity of a cloud option but it is housed in your data center, where you can ensure security and compliance. 

I have an older Netezza model. What if I would like to move directly to the cloud?

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, as a part of the IBM Hybrid Data Management portfolio, provides an elastic, fully managed cloud data warehouse service. Powered by IBM BLU Acceleration technology, the IBM Db2 Warehouse on cloud provide performance and optimization of analytics at a massive scale. Your cloud data warehouse instance is managed, monitored, encrypted and backed-up by IBM, so you can focus on data analysis instead of administration. Easily scale your compute and storage resources to meet your performance requirements and optimize. Seamlessly migrate workloads to the IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, with tools like IBM Bluemix Lift.

How can IAS benefit my Data Scientists?

IBM Integrated Analytics System drives the ability for your data scientist to quickly create, train and deploy in-database machine learning (ML) models. Using cognitive machine learning, the IBM Integrated Analytics System provides your data scientist with in-database analytics, enabling them to collaborate inside one unified platform. Embedding of Spark, and support for Python and R enables first-class Data Science and Machine Learning at scale.

What are next steps in moving to the IBM Integrated Analytics System?

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What is the time and cost of setting up the IBM Integrated Analytics System and moving data from my current Netezza appliance?

The IBM Integrated Analytics System is shipped as a single performance-optimized system for data warehousing and analytics, which can be data-load ready within hours of arriving in your data center. Run your existing Netezza applications with little or no change. Most customers will achieve up to 90-95% compatibility and IBM offers tools to help address and inconsistencies.


How Secure is the IBM Integrated Analytics System for my data?

Benefit from automated encryption for data at rest and in motion, database activity monitoring, data base access control for authorizing users and deployment hardening. Eliminate on-premises port scans and other network security threats, and feel confident in addressing regulatory or privacy/security concerns.