Db2 Event Store, now part of IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform.

What is IBM Db2 Event Store?

IBM Db2® Event Store is a memory-optimized database designed to rapidly ingest and analyze streamed data for event-driven applications. IBM Watson® Studio is built into IBM Db2 Event Store for an integrated, collaborative development experience with support for creating machine-learning models. View the Forrester infographic: Fast Data Solutions Can Improve Streaming Analytics Capabilities (PDF, 440 KB)

Get started with IBM Db2 Event Store by taking a product tour or exploring the demos and an interactive hands-on lab. Reuse the code in the code-pattern demos, such as clickstream analysis. Use a step-by-step tutorial with our free developer download edition to stream data with Apache Kafka into the IBM Db2 Event Store.

Introducing IBM Fast Data Platform IBM Fast Data Platform includes IBM Db2 Event Store and provides a complete, fully supported environment to build and run event-driven streaming applications and microservices. Learn more from the webcast: Fast data and the changing analytics landscape — featuring new insights from Forrester (link resides outside IBM)


Get more value from streamed data

Massive data ingests

Million rows per second per node; linear scale of compute and storage

Real-time analytics embedded — hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP)

Optimized for streamed data performance

Built on the Apache Spark platform

Supports Spark API and native Db2 Event Store APIs (Spark: SQL, streaming, analytics and machine learning)

Leverages open data format

Apache Parquet open-source storage data format; no vendor lock-in for your data; separation of storage and compute

Integrated environment

IBM Watson Studio, built in for designing, training and deploying machine learning models

Which option is right for you?

Db2 Event Store Developer Edition

Install this no-cost edition for Mac, Windows or Linux to get the functionality of Db2 Event Store for developers. Intended for development use and trials, it supports a single user.

Db2 Event Store Enterprise Edition

Install this edition on a single Linux server or 3-node cluster. It adds support for high availability, REST APIs and an administration console.

Collaboration with Lightbend

In IBM Fast Data Platform, Lightbend and IBM teamed up to bring together the tools needed to rapidly capture and analyze large volumes of data in real time. The joint offering includes all the essential tools to build, run and monitor event-driven, streamed applications and microservices — infused with AI and machine learning. Event-driven applications enable businesses to detect and act on events, such as anomalies that disrupt manufacturing lines, or changes in the adequacy of bank capital.

“Working with IBM Db2 Event Store and Lightbend's Fast Data Platform give you an opportunity to affectively pull together some core features for enrichment of data, for delivery of data, and for management of data. It allows you to introduce machine learning and deep learning, on both streaming as well as persisted data effectively,”

—Karl Wehden, Director of Product Management, Lightbend

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