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PLEASE NOTE: IBM z Operational Insights will be withdrawn from marketing on October 19, 2017. This page is left in place for informational purposes only. For more information, click on the documentation link below for the Product Withdrawal announcement. Please see the following link for new, alternative products:

Reduce workload

Automatically generated expert reports provide insights and next steps, and calculate potential savings and comparisons.

Gain insights

Cloud-based analytics help you discover opportunities to improve operational efficiency, with quantified savings estimates that help you manage budgets and personnel resources.

Compare to peers

Anonymized assessments for comparison and ranking help you assess how your environment compares to others.

View historical data

Moment-in-time comparisons show how your current system operations compare to previous time periods, which help you quantify the benefits of your efficiency improvements.

Access to IBM expertise

Embedded IBM expertise provides tailored advice and recommendations, which reduces workloads for on-premise Subject Matter Experts.

Try it today, in minutes

Complementary, self-service trial helps you achieve benefits today. Register and log in to zOI, see sample reports pre-loaded with dummy data, and try uploading your own data for analysis.

Key features

  • Provides self-service, cloud-hosted analytics
  • Automatically generates reports
  • Embedded IBM expertise
  • Enables peer comparison
  • Multiple editions and add-ons

Product images

Getting started with z Operational Insights
Getting started with z Operational Insights
CICS Abend Analysis Report
CICS Abend Analysis Report
CICS Java Offload Report
CICS Java Offload Report
CICS Region CPU Restraints Report
CICS Region CPU Restraints Report

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