Feature spotlights

Uncompressed data storage in a single frame

Store up to 8.76 PB of data in a single 10 square-foot library using LTO 8 cartridges or 11 PB with 3592 cartridges.

Policy-based automatic media verification

Proactively monitor archived data with policy-based automatic media verification.

Data encryption and WORM media

Strengthen security and regulatory compliance with data encryption and write-once-read-many (WORM) media.

Support for multiple tape drive combinations

Support any combination of Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium 8, 7, 6, and 5, and IBM TS1155, TS1150, and TS1140 tape drives.

IBM Spectrum Archive support

Simplify user access to data stored on tape cartridges via IBM Spectrum Archive™ featuring IBM Linear Tape File System™ technology.

Compatibility with the latest IBM LTO® Ultrium® technology

This tape library supports the latest generation of Linear Tape-Open® (LTO) technology, offering up to 30 TB of data storage per cartridge (12 TB native), twice the compressed capacity of the previous version. Also, an initialization feature will allow you to use new LTO generation 7 cartridges as LTO-7 Type M media cartridges ready to be initialized on site to increase capacity from 6 TB to 9 TB. Initialization capability will be enabled on TS4500 by updating to the latest library firmware.

Optional 10U of rack space available above the library

Reduce the storage footprint and simplify cabling with 10U of rack space on top of the library.

Supports most open-system servers including IBM Z®

Helps to simplify the storage environment and enable flexibility for growth and change in your data center.

More details about IBM TS4500 tape library

Read the data sheet

Technical details

Software requirements

Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) enabled. Selected IBM servers and other Linux and Microsoft Windows open-system servers supported. See link for interoperation support information.

    Hardware requirements

    Frame definition:

    • L25: Base frame for TS1160, TS1155, TS1150 and TS1140 (3592) drives and cartridges.
    • D25L: Drive-capable and storage expansion frame for TS1160, TS1155, TS1150, TS1140 drives/cartridges
    • S25: Storage-only expansion frame for 3592 cartridges
    • L55: Base frame for LTO drives and cartridges, includes 36 I/O slots
    • D55: Drive-capable and storage expansion frame for LTO drives and cartridges
    • S55: Storage-only expansion frame for LTO cartridges

    Technical specifications

    • Tape drive type: TS1160, TS1155, TS1150 and TS1140 (3592), LTO Ultrium 8, 7, 6 and 5 tape drives
    • Number of frames per library: One base frame, up to 17 expansion frames with maximum of 7 Dx5 frames
    • Number of drives: Up to 16 per frame (up to 12 in frame 1); Up to 128 per library
    • Capacity*: 3592 advanced cartridges; up to 351 PB per library (1.05 PB with 3:1 compression)
    • Capacity*: LTO Ultrium 8 cartridges; up to 278 PB/library (up to 695 PB with 2.5:1 compression)
    • Operating systems support-See the IBM System Storage Interoperation Center:
    See a complete list of technical specifications

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