Feature spotlights

Next generation LTO Ultrium technology

The drive adheres to the widely supported LTO Ultrium specification, which promotes standardization and allows for multiple media and drive providers. It offers higher storage capacity than previous generations of LTO Ultrium tape drives. LTO standards compatibility helps offer long-term tape infrastructure investment protection.

Available hardware encryption

Keep the data on your tape media secure with encryption and meet compliance requirements. The drive helps improve the performance of your backup processes with a dedicated encryption/decryption core.

Media partitioning and IBM Spectrum Archive™ support

Two partitions may be created on the LTO Ultrium 5 media. The partitioning enables the Linear Tape File System, which improves the ability to reference small sections of data on tape. In addition, the Linear Tape File System helps with interchange of data between different platforms.

Physical storage capacity up to 6.25 TB (2.5:1 compression)

This level of storage capacity helps reduce the number of cartridge changes required for backup operations. In addition, it helps reduce the physical storage requirements for your backup and archive media.

Native data transfer rate of up to 160 MBps

This transfer rate helps address the demands of shrinking backup windows. It also enables faster data read and write to help reduce long waits for backup and restore procedures to keep your business up and running.

6 Gbps SAS interface

The interface provides a higher speed that allows data to be moved faster into the drive.

Large internal data transfer buffer

This transfer buffer improves data access rates and reduces cartridge fill and rewind times. it uses advanced technologies designed to optimize throughput, increase cartridge capacity and provide superior data protection.

Backwards compatibility

Backward compatibility with previous generations of LTO Ultrium cartridges means you have read/write capability with LTO Ultrium 5 with a 1.5 TB data cartridge and a 1.5 TB WORM cartridge. It provides read capability with LTO Ultrium 4 cartridges with an 800 GB data cartridge and an 800 GB WORM cartridge to help you protect your current media investment. It is designed to provide higher capacity to address the most demanding backup and archiving requirements.

Full-height form factor

A new enclosure design allows two TS2360 storage units to be mounted side by side in a 19-inch IBM server rack, requiring just 3 EIA units of rack space. It offers outstanding performance designed for unattended backups.

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