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PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Standard Edition

IBM PowerHA for AIX Standard Edition features cluster-aware AIX, which provides a strategic foundation for Power Systems software. It enables kernel level messaging, event management and monitoring in coordination with AIX. PowerHA monitors soft and hard errors within the cluster from various event sources including problems that are severe enough to immobilize the system. With monitoring and event management functions, scheduling or other OS related issues can be prevented.

PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX Enterprise Edition

PowerHA V7 Enterprise Edition enables you to extend your traditional data center cluster to incorporate a remote location environment for disaster recovery. The V7 cluster makes disaster recovery testing relatively simple while putting the operator in charge of managing failover policy and procedures.

PowerHA SystemMirror for i Standard Edition

PowerHA SystemMirror for i Standard Edition helps protect your critical business applications from planned or unplanned outages in the data center (a single-site solution via switchable LUNs or geomirror synchronous mode). The standard edition provides reliable monitoring, failure detection and automated recovery of business application environments. It offers the capability to monitor various event sources and disruptions, enabling automated or operator-initiated actions.

PowerHA SystemMirror for i Enterprise Edition

PowerHA SystemMirror for i Enterprise Edition includes all the standard edition capabilities and more. The enterprise edition package enables you to extend your data center solution across up to three sites. It includes support for the DS8000 and the Storwize family using either Metro Mirror or Global Mirror. The enterprise edition and standard edition also manage IBM FlashCopy, enabling you to create a point-in-time copy with minimal disruption.

PowerHA SystemMirror for Linux

Designed with the same look and feel as PowerHA for AIX, PowerHA SystemMirror for Linux lets you monitor and manage your PowerHA for Linux and PowerHA for AIX cluster environments from the same screen. It protects your critical Linux on Power infrastructure from unplanned outages by providing constant monitoring and error detection.

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