Feature spotlights

Send and receive in the format of your choice!

PEPPOL supports the format PEPPOL BIZ, which allows 8 document types to be transferred via the network incl. invoices, purchase orders, dispatch notices and catalogues. But what if you wanted to send/receive in a different format? We can convert your data so that you can send and receive in any format you want.

Everything you need in one place.

As all PEPPOL requires is an access point & your Global location number registered, why not just buy one yourself? You could invest in that, but every time changes are introduced, you would need to invest in more hardware. That is a costly and time consuming solution, which is why we offer PEPPOL as a service, which provides you with everything you need, and you only pay for what you use.

Reach all partners in Europe via one network

EDI relies on various networks and value added networks to connect partners. That adds an unwanted complexity, as you suddenly have hundreds of networks to manage. With PEPPOL one network connects you to all your partners across Europe. This is perhaps the most important benefit from PEPPOL, and it opens up for cross boarder trading, which was previously almost impossible. As PEPPOL gains popularity in Europe, there are projects to introduce PEPPOL in the US and Canada as well.

IBM EDI Services helped develop PEPPOL

Since the beginning of the PEPPOL project in 2005, IBM has participated in its development. As a certified PEPPOL solutions provider, our thought leaders, project executives and consultants bring their experience on hundreds of projects to each new challenge. IBM PEPPOL advises the PEPPOL project, serving as the only private member on the OpenPEPPOL Management Committee. We have successfully implemented PEPPOL at our own facilities and abroad .

PEPPOL shows huge potential for B2B

Although PEPPOL was developed for B2G, the B2B sector is set to gain the most from PEPPOL. The easy cross boarder trade made possible by the PEPPOL network, makes PEPPOL possibly the most important investment any company could make. And as PEPPOL is utilized by more, it's umbrella of document types accepted will expand and the potential will be even greater. Say goodbye to multiple VANS, costly mappings and conversions of various formats as you embrace PEPPOL and penetrate the EU market.

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How customers use it

  • Cutting costs by introducing PEPPOL in the business


    EDI is flexible. It means that all partners have their own network, formats, supported document types and attributes. This makes onboarding a new partner costly and time consuming. Who should meet the criteria of the other? or should both convert?


    Introducing PEPPOL means both send and receive the same document types in the same format. Mapping is done once, and connecting to your partner is done via the same network. So you do the work to connect to 1 partner, but you reach all instantly.

  • What can PEPPOL do for B2B?


    PEPPOL was developed for B2G, but EDI is costly and difficult to manage and maintain. So how can you utilize PEPPOL in B2B?


    PEPPOL is open to everyone, so even though it is not yet mandatory in countries outside of the EU, it is highly likely that it will spread to them anyway as it picks up in popularity. PEPPOL is still evolving and new document types will be added too!